How Hiring Security Guards Can Actually Save Your Business Money

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The main goal of most business owners is to make money. That said, there are some extras that are worth investing in, such as professional security guard services, even if they don’t appear to contribute to the bottom line. With a little bit of insight, you’ll be able to understand how hiring armed or unarmed security guards is well worth the additional expense. Here are five ways security guard services in Fort Myers, FL can help save your business money.

Less crime

There’s a long list of reasons why certain types of businesses may be targeted by criminals more than others. At the top of this list is keeping large amounts of cash on site—it’s not the safest move for businesses in high-crime areas. Businesses like gas stations, convenience stores and small mom-and-pop shops deal with big sums of cash, but any retail business can have a lot of money in the cash register at any given time. Having a visible security guard can deter would-be criminals, whether their intent is to rob the place for cash, equipment or inventory.

Reduce stress

This point can go two ways. With a security guard service on your side, you can run your business with less stress, which means you can focus more on important parts of your company (revenue goals, boosting sales, etc.) without worry. However, a security guard presence can decrease stress levels in your employees and customers, too. The possibility of theft or harm will be the farthest thing from everybody’s mind. Customers will want to come back and spend money at your store.

More surveillance

Another step toward strong business security is installing closed circuit TV. Security cameras either stream live video and/or record everything in view of the cameras, but someone needs to watch the monitors at all times. Having someone monitor your video surveillance in real time allows your security team to work together to stop crime, prevent theft and avoid lost revenue. Ideally, you’ll have an unarmed security guard doing this job so your employees have time to do other important things for your business operations.

Boost employee and customer safety

Any good business owner knows that the safety and security of their customers or clients and employees is extremely important. Armed or unarmed security guards can offer to accompany customers and staff members to their vehicles when it’s dark outside or if they don’t feel safe. This courtesy is greatly appreciated all around. Customers who feel safe are more likely to turn into regulars, while employees will feel happier and be able to look forward to a safer, stress-free day at work.

Increase work productivity

Your business makes money from the sale of products or services, but you need productive employees to keep everything running. When it comes to personal safety and security, employees who are satisfied in these areas are more productive. Hiring security guards encourages employees to work harder and better, which means more money for you and your business.

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