Four Shopping Center Security Best Practices

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The holiday season is just about to arrive, and with it comes a significant increase in shoppers in stores around the nation. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still expected that there will be a big increase in shopping numbers around Black Friday and beyond, if to a smaller extent than in most other years.

This makes it a great time to more heavily invest in the security services you have at your shopping center, and to get a refresher on some shopping mall security best practices in Fort Myers, FL. Here are some things to remember.

Make sure all personnel—not just security personnel—are properly trained

This includes all personnel at the mall, everyone from valet staff to workers at information desks and janitorial staff, and even workers in individual retail stores. Obviously these people aren’t going to have the same degree of security responsibility that specialized security staff will have, but they should still know how to screen the area, how to securely move cash, situations in which they should advise security staff of potential threats, how to report suspicious activity and how to address visitors’ questions.

Plan out specific security procedures for busy seasons

The general craziness of the holiday season should lead to additional security tasks, including going through equipment and emergency procedures. You should meet with your employees to discuss and communicate important safety and security issues. Make sure you review all procedures to report suspicious behavior, emphasize the importance of staying alert and make sure you have a sufficient number of flashlights and radios.

Have a plan for opening and closing

Around Black Friday, you’re much more likely to have a line of people waiting to get into the store at opening, and difficulties getting people out of the stores at closing. Maintain the opening and closing times as much as possible, but get employees on site earlier to ensure preparedness for opening. Have security personnel placed at entrances and make sure people enter the premises in a safe, orderly manner. During closing, make sure you inform visitors in advance of closing time and get them out as quickly as possible. Have signs clearly placed on all doors and walkways so people can easily find their ways to the exists.

Bring in more guards

As needed, deploy some additional security guards to patrol the shopping mall during your busy season. This includes patrols prior to opening and after closing. Have one additional security guard during opening hours, a couple more stationed at strategic locations (such as the food court and common areas) and an extra guard for outdoor patrols and checking of important facilities, such as mechanical rooms and the roof. After closing, have guards at entrances to make sure people do not attempt to re-enter.

Focus on high-risk areas such as garbage bins, washrooms, underground parking and utility centers.

These are just a few tips to help you improve your shopping center security this holiday season. For more information about what a Fort Myers, FL security patrol service can do for your shopping center, reach out to American Pride Security Services, Inc. today.

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