April 22, 2024

"Their website answered my question very quickly and knowledgeably. Excellent work."
April 18, 2024

"American Pride is not one of the best, they are simply the best in security. Pure professionalism, the officers take great pride in what they do while still being plenty humble. And all that comes from the top, the owners. They are family started and owned and believe in providing a service that simply can not be found anywhere else. No matter how small or large of a task you need from their security team, they are sure to get It done in the most efficient and professional way possible. Look nowhere else as this team is the way to go for your business needs."
December 24, 2023

"One of the better Security companies to work for out here. Duties given are clear and concise, the people at your posts are also great to work with. Management /Leadership is solid, Neil is easy to get a hold of/get along with and gets things done for his employees."
December 17, 2023

December 13, 2023

Security officer

"This is a place of business you can trust and count on having your back in any situation any problems you have they will immediately fix it and make sure your good with everything top teir company to work for no regrets choosing this company "