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Maintaining the security of your facilities, event, perimeter or person is of critical importance—especially if any of these things are at an elevated risk. It’s not always easy to determine if you’re taking the right precautions, however. This is why a security survey is so critically important.

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Security Surveying

surveyAmerican Pride Security Services Inc. provides customers with comprehensive security surveys to help them assess the current state of their security, while pinpointing areas for improvement. We assess a wide spread of factors when surveying your situation and make it a point to anticipate potential situations to help you avoid them altogether. Numerous clients utilize our surveys to help them enhance building security or create deterrents for potential situations.

Reporting and Actionable Results

reading report
reading reportEvery security consultation we provide comes with a comprehensive written report that details our findings. We’ll break down where security is good, bad or nonexistent, explain our findings and offer recommendations for improvement. The purpose of these reports is to:

  • Educate management on how their property operates when they are away.
  • Identify any safety/security concerns to remediate them.
  • Document incidents that occurred on the property, as well as any emergency response to the property.

Through extensive assessment of your facility or area, we help to create accountability and transparency, while also providing actionable steps to heighten safety.

Enhance Your Security Today

For more information about a security survey or how you can best leverage one to better secure your facilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 941-500-4224. We’ll gladly consult with you regardless of the size or scope of your project or facilities.