Ways Hospital Security Guards Ensure Safety

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Like any business or commercial property, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have their own unique set of security concerns. They need to protect their patients, visitors and staff from violence and crime, but must do so in a highly professional manner. Security guards are a great help—here’s how hiring a hospital security guard in Fort Myers, FL ensures the safety and security of your healthcare facility:

  • Provides customer support: Besides having the training to serve and protect patients and staff, professional hospital security guards also provide customer support when needed. Once the hospital security guard learns the layout and inner workings of the facility, they can guide visitors to the correct department and even accompany patients to their doctor’s office. They can also help people find their cars in large parking areas.
  • Manages access to sensitive areas: Hospitals tend to have an open-door policy for visitors. However, healthcare facilities run the risk of visitors accessing unauthorized areas, whether on accident or on purpose. The breach of a sensitive area can compromise the hospital’s environment, which is supposed to be safe. When you have a security guard on the premises, he or she can station themselves at the entrance to certain areas and check IDs or badges to ensure a patient, visitor or staff member has the proper authorization.
  • Ensures peace of mind in chaotic areas: If your hospital typically sees high volumes of patients, chances are, chaos is a daily thing. This rings especially true for hospitals with psychiatric units. Patients may act up without warning, attacking staff or visitors. Have security at the ready for safety. Trained security guards are also on site to stop mentally disturbed patients from harming themselves.
  • Knows fire safety: The reason why hospitals need to follow safety precautions more closely than other kinds of establishments is due to the fact that there’s complex electrical equipment, volatile chemicals, oxygen tanks and combustible gases on the property. These make hospitals more prone to all sorts of fire hazards. In the event of a fire breakout, hospital security guards can help guide patients, visitors and healthcare professionals out of the building and contact the fire department. Additionally, a security guard can be on the lookout for potential fire hazards to prevent fires.
  • Maintains order: Hospitals are crowded, fast-paced places. Patients come in for appointments or procedures, nurses and doctors are always on the move and visitors sometimes find themselves lost. There’s no doubt that this can create a stressful environment. Stressed patients and family members do not need more reasons to feel anxious. This is where security guards come into play—they can handle crowds and keep foot traffic moving in the right direction, as well as help de-escalate stressful situations.
  • Prevents thefts and an array of other crimes: Hospitals are not immune to the types of crimes other establishments face. From theft to physical violence to kidnappings, oftentimes the mere presence of security guards is enough to stop crime before it can happen.

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