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Having a safe and secure hospital is just as important as having one with highly-skilled nurses and doctors. On top of placing security cameras throughout the facility, you’ll want to hire a security guard service to monitor your hospital day and night. This post will teach you all the benefits of hiring guards to provide effective hospital security in Fort Myers, FL:

  • Patrol for threats: First and foremost, a hospital security guard will ensure there are no threats inside or outside of your facility. If any problems do arise, a trained guard can address the situation before the police arrive on the scene. Just be sure to hire a properly trained guard who’s able to respond to any threat that may occur!
  • Prevent violence and other incidents: Trained security guards don’t just respond to threats once they happen—they can actually prevent them from occurring in the first place! A potential vandal or other criminal is much less likely to commit a crime if he sees a uniformed guard keeping watch at the hospital.
  • Handle angry patients: Whether it’s because they’re unhappy with the hospital staff or are lashing out after an unpleasant diagnosis, there are bound to be a few angry patients at every hospital. Having a guard on staff is the best way to ensure a patient doesn’t get too out of hand.
  • Deal with problematic family members: Similar to the point above, patients’ friends and family can get unruly at the hospital. Instead of letting hospital staff deal with these individuals, hire a team of guards to lessen the tension or remove them from the facility.
  • Control access to sensitive areas: Regardless of their size, all hospitals have areas that require special access. The best way to ensure only qualified individuals are allowed into these areas is to station a security guard at the entrance.

Why choose American Pride Security Services, Inc.?

You have plenty of options when hiring a company for hospital security in Fort Myers, FL, but here are the reasons to choose our team to guard your hospital:

  • Licensed agency: We are a state-regulated and licensed agency, so you know you’re working with consummate professionals when you hire our team.
  • Diverse staff: We employ both male and female guards as well as bilingual speakers to assist in a variety of situations that might arise at hospitals.
  • Military employer: We’re proud to employ military veterans. We’ve also found that veterans make excellent security guards after they’re done with their service!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: As one of our clients, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the level of service we provide—and, if not, we will terminate the contract at no cost to you.
  • Great rates: There’s no reason to overpay for protection services. Whether you need one guard or a whole team, you’ll benefit from fair and competitive pricing when you choose American Pride Security Services, Inc.

If you need hospital security in Fort Myers, FL, the choice is clear—hire our team at American Pride Security Services, Inc. Give us a call today to find out how our guards can help keep things safe and secure at your hospital.

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