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Front desk security in Fort Myers, FL can make or break the security measures in your building. This makes establishing and maintaining appropriate front desk security a top priority for property managers and business owners. Use the following tips to ensure your front desk security is appropriate for your setting.

Assess the need

As you look to hire front desk security in Fort Myers, FL, your first step should be to assess the need for this type of security. For a thorough assessment, complete these steps:

  • Review: A trained professional should review your facility to determine any safety and security concerns that could be addressed by front desk security in Fort Myers, FL. Be sure to consult a security team that is experienced and can provide expert input into your security needs.
  • Audit: What past incidents have occurred? Complete an audit of all past security breaches and incidents. This track record will help you determine what needs you have going forward.
  • Survey: Ask your employees, customers and guests about their concerns. Do they feel safe? What is their perception of the security at your location? Would front desk security attract more employees? Boost morale? Attract more customers?
  • Examination: Look at the policies and procedures you have in place. Compare this to the results of the survey and the audit. After this examination, determine where security is lacking and how front desk security might be able to resolve any of the issues revealed by the other steps.

Assign responsibilities

Your front desk security in Fort Myers, FL will be responsible for a variety of tasks. As you hire professionals, make sure they understand how to:

  • Identify and resolve security issues in your reception and front desk areas. Experts know what to look for and how to prevent incidents proactively.
  • Develop procedures that promote and maintain security in your building. Your security personnel should understand appropriate protocols specific to your setting.
  • Discern what behaviors annoy or threaten customers, visitors and employees and intervene to prevent or stop them. Front desk security should remain vigilant at all times to step in when these behaviors become apparent.
  • Talk to visitors, employees and customers who become aggressive. Security must be able to de-escalate situations to prevent major incidents.
  • Collaborate with emergency teams and law enforcement in critical situations. Cooperation by front desk security is often essential when backup is needed to resolve an issue.
  • Create and implement incident response plans. Preparation is key for front desk security in Fort Myers, FL to be successful when responding to emergency situations.

Get top professionals

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