Reasons Hospitals Need Security Guards

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When you think of security guards, hospitals might not be the first setting that comes to mind. But the fact is, hospital security in Fort Myers, FL is a top concern for healthcare professionals and their patients. Following are a few of the top reasons that hospitals need trained and experienced security guards for their facilities.

Threat identification

Consider what goes on at a hospital and who comes and goes at the facility in just one 24-hour period. The hospital is always open. All types of individuals enter and leave. A variety of activities are going on at any given point in time. Some of these activities are violent, such as drug-related incidents, domestic violence or gang warfare. Even non-violent situations can become threatening if a patient is unstable and turns aggressive.

Because of this volatile environment, hospital security in Fort Myers, FL is essential. Security guards must remain on alert to identify potential threats. They must watch for suspicious behaviors, escalating situations, possible hazards and other threats to the safety of everyone at the hospital.

Access control

Hospital security in Fort Myers, FL monitors the entry and exit points of a hospital. The guards ensure no unauthorized personnel enter the premises. The security detail can detect suspicious behaviors to prevent anyone who is not allowed in the facility from gaining access. Due to their training, the guards are better able to detect and handle these situations than others.

In many cases, there are also access points within the hospital that must be guarded. Security personnel are necessary to prevent unauthorized access to certain technology, labs or patients.

Theft prevention

A hospital setting holds the potential for many crimes. Theft is one of the top crimes that hospital security in Fort Myers, FL can help prevent. From medicine to equipment to infants, criminals may target this setting for a variety of thefts. Security guards monitor the area to keep an eye on the hospital and its contents and prevent thieves from stealing anything or anyone.

Damage deterrent

Machinery and other property at a hospital are often quite expensive. If patients or visitors become unruly, this equipment can get damaged in their wake. Hospital security in Fort Myers, FL can help prevent this destruction. Guards can identify an escalating situation and defuse it. Or, if anyone becomes violent or a fight occurs, security can step in to stop the incident as quickly as possible. This will help protect both the people and the property at the hospital.

Promote health and safety

For more information on how security personnel benefit hospitals, contact the professionals at American Pride Security Services, Inc. We specialize in a full range of services for hospitals, including security surveys and consultations, unarmed uniformed officers, building lock-up and alarm setting, emergency planning and property patrol. We are state-regulated and licensed, and our staff includes male, female and bilingual officers. We are also a proud employer of military veterans. Give us a call today to learn more about our services. Our team looks forward to making your healthcare facility safe and secure.

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