Handling Employee Terminations

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Making the choice to terminate an employee is never an easy decision. After all, no one wants to put someone else’s livelihood at risk. That said, for every manager in every industry, there comes a time when firing one of your team members is the only viable option. Of course, parting ways with a problem employee is no reason to sacrifice workplace security in Fort Myers, FL.

When you’re concerned about the potential for fallout after you terminate an employee, having security personnel on-site could stop a rough situation from becoming worse.

Why is the termination happening?

If you’re considering firing an employee as a result of misconduct among your team, you may not be out of line in assuming that there could be some backlash. A team member who doesn’t understand how to conduct themselves when they’re in a professional situation on a daily basis likely won’t handle disappointment well.

Making sure you have an impartial authority figure on hand can act as a means to disable potentially volatile employees before things get out of hand.

Make sure your terminated employees exit

Finding out you’ve lost your job is never a fun day. For some people, however, the news that their source of income is gone can be utterly devastating, especially when they don’t see it coming. When this happens, a kind of denial can take over. Sometimes people will be sluggish to leave or will simply sit at their desk, absorbing the information. Needless to say, this can have a substantial impact on morale and productivity.

A security professional can make sure that your terminated employee removes their personal items and exits the office in a timely manner.

Are your employees in danger?

You can’t ever be sure which of your employees may pose a hazard to workplace security in Fort Myers, FL when they’re terminated. This goes double for an employee who is to be fired because of misconduct. These individuals may feel that their situation is the responsibility of a manager or another employee.

Make sure that none of your terminated employees make a rash decision by keeping a trained security professional on hand at all times.

Keep disruption to a minimum

An on-site security expert isn’t just to protect your employees—it’s also to preserve the pride and integrity of your terminated team member. A security professional will prevent curious bystanders from making a spectacle of the situation. Your terminated employee may not be excited to be escorted out by security, but they’ll appreciate the sense of privacy that a security professional can provide.

Three decades of security expertise

For more than 35 years, American Pride Security Services, Inc. has offered first-rate workplace security in Fort Myers, FL. We offer a full range of security services, including consultations, property patrol, building lockup, industrial security, emergency planning and so much more.

When you need the area’s best trained and most professional security force, come to American Pride Security Services, Inc. Give us a call today and get a real sense of safety tomorrow.

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