Benefits of Security Guards and Systems in Our Schools

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Keeping students and teachers safe is more important than ever, particularly due to the school shootings that seem to occur almost daily when classes are in session. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts or simply being unaware, many security systems are outdated or schools don’t use security guards.

Using school security guards and security systems in Fort Myers, FL is a smart way to keep our kids and staff safe. As schools reopen across the nation, we must prioritize their safety just as much as their health.

School security systems

Security guards are part of a good school safety plan, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Installing security cameras, alarms and access systems helps the administration keep track of what’s going on at any given time. You’ll be able to watch every area at once, so you know what students are up to, who is on (or off) campus and if anyone tries to get into the school without having been granted access.

Additionally, having a good security system can help you connect to the police and fire departments faster, ensuring a quicker response. Many security systems automatically call the authorities when certain conditions are met, such as a break-in or when smoke is detected.

Cameras also have the benefit of reducing incidences of bullying and violence. The students know they’re being watched, so they’re less likely to commit bad acts on campus. In turn, parents feel safer and can relax, knowing their children are being watched and cared for.

School security guards

School security guards can become part of your Fort Myers, FL school’s safety plan, too. Hiring armed guards makes it easier for you to break up conflicts, keep intruders away and keep an eye on the children. They’ll be able to tell the parents what they witnessed, reduce violent incidences and watch kids for signs of problems or depression, which can cause them to act out later.

In addition, security guards might also act as “first responders” to accidents and other problems, such as tripping and falling, choking and the myriad other ways in which children can find themselves in distress.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where school shootings occur frequently. In addition to safety and other policies to reduce gun violence, having security guards on hand can be a boon in a school shooting situation. These trained guards will help protect the children and the staff until police and other law enforcement can arrive on the scene.

Finally, your security guards should be well-versed in how to operate and respond to your security devices, like alarms and cameras. If there’s an incident, they can help return the system (and the students involved) back to normal, after the initial excitement dies down.

Hiring a security guard and installing a good security system in your Fort Myers, FL school is the key to making parents, students and staff feel safe on campus. If you need to hire professional, highly-trained security guards, call American Pride Security Services, Inc. today.

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