Reasons to Consider Becoming a Security Guard

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If you’re ready to start a new career path, becoming a security guard might be the right job for you. People who enjoy working with a variety of different situations, helping others and having flexible schedules are often uniquely suited for this job. Could a security officer job in Fort Myers, FL be right for you? Read on to learn about the benefits of this exciting career path:

  • Flexible hours: One of the best advantages of a security guard job in Fort Myers, FL is that the work itself is flexible. If you’re going to school, picking up a second job for extra cash or have a young family, you may find that the flexible hours and scheduling are suitable for working around your other obligations. That also makes it great for people who find too much routine boring.
  • Great experience: Being a security guard is great work experience, whether you want to continue as a guard, go into law enforcement or pursue another path. Plus, they’re always in demand, so if you love your security job, you’ll be able to find work easily.
  • Entry level to a rewarding career: Whether you want to moonlight as a security guard or turn it into a rewarding career, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your skills and move up in the industry. Many security guards either go on to work in law enforcement, or are already law enforcement officers moonlighting for extra cash.
  • Improve your observational skills: As a security guard, your job is to watch people and keep tabs on situations, locations and interactions. Your observational skills will rapidly improve after just a few days on the job—nothing will get past you after working in this career.
  • Get valuable crisis training: As a guard, you’ll be a first responder, which means you’ll be trained in how to handle everything from CPR to fires. This is valuable training for the job but also in real life—when an emergency occurs, everyone is grateful for a person who can keep a level head.
  • Engage with a lot of people every day: If you like people, you’ll enjoy getting to talk to and interact with lots of new people each day. The busier your location is, the more you’ll get to polish your people skills.
  • Work alone and with a team: Some of us are team players, and some of us like to work solo, but the majority of people prefer a mixture of both—and that’s what a security job in Fort Myers, FL can provide. There are stretches where you’ll be on your own for hours at a time, or you may find yourself comparing notes with the other members of your team to handle a problem together.
  • Do important work for others: Most importantly, security guards perform a valuable service by keeping others safe. It’s a rewarding career for the right person.

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