Security Necessities for Houses of Worship

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Sadly, hearing all the stories of violence across the country means that we constantly have to think about our personal safety. Knowing where the exit points in a room are located or how to prevent a break-in are just two of the things everyone should have in the back of their mind. This even applies when we’re at a house of worship. Continue reading to learn more about church security in Fort Myers, FL and how we can help:

  • Get a security consultation: The first step every house of worship should take when it comes to security is getting a consultation. A consultation with one of our professionals will identify weak points and allow us to develop a plan to fix them. With a proper plan in place, we can prevent both violent crimes and robberies from occurring.
  • Install cameras: Every house of worship should have cameras placed around the exterior and interior near any donation boxes. Security cameras don’t just help identify a perpetrator after a crime has been committed—they can also prevent one from happening in the first place.
  • Hire guards: Stationing a security guard out in front of the building is a major deterrent for anyone thinking about committing a crime. If someone attempts to start trouble, one of our trained guards will take him down and alert the authorities.
  • Stay vigilant: Our security guards do whatever they can to prevent crimes from happening, but we ask that all members of the congregation stay vigilant. The saying “If you see something, say something” applies wherever you go, even if it’s to church.

We’re the most trusted name in security!

Nobody beats our team at American Pride Security Services, Inc. when it comes to church security in Fort Myers, FL. Here are a few of the reasons houses of worship choose us to guard their facilities:

  • Licensed agency: Anyone can put on a badge and claim to be a security guard, but that’s not how we operate! We’re a licensed security agency, and each guard we hire is registered as a State of Florida Security Officer.
  • Trained professionals: Going along with the point above, all of our guards have some form of previous experience working in the security field. When one of our guards shows up at your church, you can rest easy knowing that’s not their first day on duty.
  • Tailored to meet your needs: Whether you need one guard stationed out front during a service or 24/7 patrols, we can accommodate your needs. We’ll come up with a custom plan just for you after we’ve provided a security consultation for your facility.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We’re so sure you’ll be happy with our level of service that we offer a quality guarantee. If there’s an issue that can’t be resolved, we will terminate the remainder of your contract at no cost to you.

Don’t jeopardize the wellbeing of any members of your congregation—call American Pride Security Services, Inc. today to arrange for church security in Fort Myers, FL.

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