Tips for Dealing with the Homeless

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Whether you realize it or not, the Fort Myers area is home to nearly 3,000 homeless individuals, numbers that are higher than those in several other parts of the state. While the local community has made great strides in recent years to embrace and support these underprivileged members of society, there is still much to do. Meanwhile, nearly 3,000 homeless people are living and sleeping on the streets.

With so many souls on the street, business owners will almost inevitably find themselves interacting with the city’s homeless population at some point or another. Sometimes, for example, it may become necessary to ask a homeless person to leave the store or office or ask them to move along from the outside of your storefront. That’s when it’s critical to ensure that you have a team with security skills for handling the homeless population in Fort Myers, FL.

The unvarnished truth

Studies indicate that as much as 80 percent of the homeless population of the United States are addicted to drugs or suffering from mental instability of some kind. Your heart may break for the people who find themselves without a roof over their heads, but the fact remains that such ailments can make certain homeless people unpredictable and even dangerous.

When the situation becomes hazardous, you’ll be glad you’ve got an expert with security skills for working with the homeless population of Fort Myers, FL.

It’s a conversation, not a fight

When the time comes to interact with the homeless population in Fort Myers, no one wants to spark a conflict. The goal is to find a solution that suits both parties without causing a scene. Most of the time, that’s precisely what will happen. Research indicates that, regardless of their personal afflictions, the vast majority of the homeless population, about 80 percent, are peaceful and cooperative.

Of course, that leaves about one in five members of the homeless population who could pose a potential threat to your safety and the safety of your customers or employees. When those instances occur, a properly-trained security professional will engage in skilled diplomacy—they won’t engage in a fight.

There are no “heroes” here

If and when a homeless individual steals from your store or becomes abusive to you, your employees or your customers, a security professional’s job is to intervene. That said, they should never move to touch a homeless person. The proper response is a calm instruction to leave, followed by an equally calm call to the police.

Your sense of safety won’t be preserved by a so-called security professional who is ready to escalate a conflict and get physical with a member of the homeless population.

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