Workplace Safety: Recognizing a Disgruntled Employee

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Across the United States, a record number of employees are disengaged and dissatisfied with their jobs and unhappy with their employers. In fact, a recent Gallup poll suggests that as many as 18 percent of American workers are actively working to undermine their employers.

All of this dissatisfaction in the workplace is leading to increasing concerns about workplace violence. Even seemingly small, innocuous incidents can balloon out of proportion in certain circumstances.

If you’re developing a plan to ensure workplace safety in Fort Myers, FL at your place of business, it’s important to consider the potential dangers posed by a disgruntled employee.

Disgruntled employees might be plotting an act of workplace violence that could target a specific individual or everyone in the office. Employers need to have a plan in place for when they recognize that employees are feeling disgruntled and could potentially pose a safety risk.

Potential workforce violence should be a significant factor when drafting and implementing your company’s workplace safety plan. Here are just a few signs to consider that could indicate a disgruntled employee that you should take into account when developing your plan for workplace safety in Fort Myers, FL:

  • Passive aggressive behavior: One of the most telling signs that an employee is experiencing disengagement or disillusionment with their jobs is passive-aggressive behavior. If an employee who formerly behaved professionally and kindly suddenly starts making inappropriate comments or using sarcastic humor, it could be cause for concern.
  • Social isolation: If you notice that an employee is no longer sitting with their colleagues during lunch, or that they’re outwardly avoiding their colleagues, it could be a sign that they’re attempting to distance themselves from their workplace, or that they’re experiencing a significant amount of emotional distress.
  • Lack of motivation: When your star employee suddenly stops their stellar output, you should take notice. A lack of motivation could indicate that they’re becoming disillusioned with their job and might mean that they’re starting to feel negative about their workplace.
  • Employee or customer complaints: When other employees or clients and customers begin to complain about an employee’s behavior, you should immediately begin forming a plan of action.
  • Outward aggression: Outward aggression on the part of an employee is never something to take lightly. If you notice that an employee is showing emotional or physical aggression in the workplace, you need to take immediate action. Make sure to talk to a security consultant first, though—immediate disciplinary action might lead to violence.

Since 1984, American Pride Security Services, Inc. has been a trusted provider of tools and services designed to enhance workplace safety in Fort Myers, FL. We’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality safety analysis and planning services, as well as unarmed security officers. If you’re looking for a way to make your place of business safer and more comfortable for all of your employees, reach out to one of our friendly, highly qualified security professionals. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the different ways we can secure and safeguard your corporate site.

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