Why Your Small Business Needs Retail Security Guards in Fort Myers, FL

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Small business owners have a lot on their plates. They have to wear many hats and manage multiple moving parts. If you are in this category of entrepreneurs, it’s important not to let one crucial aspect of business ownership slip under your radar among the many responsibilities you’re juggling. This aspect is security. If you have a storefront, do you have retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL?

You should. Retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL offer several benefits to your business. Following are the top seven.

1. Theft Prevention

One of the most obvious threats to any small business is shoplifting. Retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL will help prevent this loss to your company. Since shoplifting can significantly impact your bottom line, preventing this loss is a top benefit of security services.

2. Theft Detection

Not only can retail security guards deter thieves, but they can also detect them. Trained in identifying shoplifters, they can stop criminals before it’s too late with appropriate intervention measures.

3. Thief Apprehension

Do you know what to do if you catch someone stealing from your store? Most business owners wouldn’t know what steps to take next. Trained retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL can safely confront shoplifters and proceed appropriately.

4. Employee Theft Prevention

Let’s not forget about the potential for employee theft. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence. Since small business owners put a lot of trust in their employees, it can be easy for them to get away with theft. With proper security in place, this will not be possible.

5. Vandals

Theft isn’t the only potential threat to your business. Vandalism can also be a costly crime committed on your premises. With retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL monitoring your store, vandalism is far less likely to occur.

6. Crowd Control

Does your retail space ever become overcrowded? Especially during peak shopping times, crowds can become hard to manage and may even become dangerous. Retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL can provide the crowd control you need to maintain a safe setting. They can establish boundaries, escort customers and offer a commanding presence that keeps people in line.

7. Customer Appeal

Customers want to shop where they feel safe. If they know you have security on the grounds, they will feel that criminals are less likely to lurk in your shop. They will know that trained professionals are on the premises if needed. This can add appeal to your business, encouraging customers to spend more time in your store.

Secure Your Small Business

Don’t miss out on the benefits of retail security guards in Fort Myers, FL for your business. Contact the professionals at American Pride Security Services, Inc. to put proper security in place at your location. With over 35 years of experience, our team is a trusted leader in security and protection services. We offer unarmed uniformed officers, building lock-up and alarm setting, industrial location and warehouse security, emergency planning and property patrol. Give us a call today!

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