Employee Theft: An Important Consideration for the Security of Your Business

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When you hire someone to work at your business, you most likely assume that they want the best for your company, just like you do. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some people are untruthful and will do whatever it takes to make more, including stealing from their own employers.

If you’re worried about employee theft, you might want to look into retail store security in Fort Myers, FL. Read on to find out more information on how employee theft hurts your business, and how an investment in security can help you:

  • Cutting down your profits: Running a business is stressful. You want the business to make good profits, and reaching that goal takes a lot of work in general. When you add in a problem with employee theft, you just add to the amount of stress you’re under as a business owner. And you may not think that employee theft is that common, but according to research, a whopping 75 percent of employees have reported stealing at least once from their employers. Another piece of research from 2017 notes that this theft contributes to business shrinkage by as much as 30 percent. That’s a big hit to your bottom line, whether it’s from cashiers skimming from the register or employees sneaking items from a recent shipment.
  • Keeping employees happy: One way you might be able to cut down on employee theft is by keeping your employees happy to be in business with you by offering fair wages, good benefits and a positive work environment. It’s true that there are some people who will not steal if they like the company, but a lot of times employees will face circumstances outside of their employer’s control that can lead them to make poor decisions. For example, imagine that employee whose spouse lost their job and left the family desperate for money. This type of problem could certainly push an otherwise good employee over the edge into criminal activity.
  • Security guards help: On top of providing a good work environment for your employees, you can cut down on theft by using security guards. These guards can provide a watchful eye that notices when employees might slip into stealing, on top of helping to prevent regular theft as well. Some employees might bristle at being watched, but if you make the guards a part of the whole business team, they should soon embrace them.

Using retail store security in Fort Myers, FL is a big step toward protecting your company, and you’ll want to make sure you choose the best security company in the area. If you’re in need, look no further than American Pride Security Services. Our company has put together an exceptional team of officers who can help with any of your security needs.

Since 2005, American Pride Security Services has offered a range of services, including providing officers, property patrol, security consultations, building lockup and parking details. Call today to find out how our team can help you and yours!

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