How Security Guard Services Improve School Safety

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School safety tops the list of concerns for many parents and city officials in the Chicagoland area. In a day and age where acts of violence are all too common, we all want to ensure students are safe. The goal is to provide a place where children can learn and grow, free from harm. To provide this safe setting, administrators are turning to security guard services..

These services can provide protection for schools and students on many levels. Security guards offer assistance with the following common concerns.


Security guards monitor entrances and exits to schools. Their presence can deter individuals from attempting unauthorized entry to the building. Guards can take action if anyone does try to gain access to the building to prevent entry.


Bullying, fights and assault are sadly common in many schools. The presence of security guards can help reduce the occurrence of these intimidation measures. Guards can prevent fights, report criminal behavior and provide daily protection of the students in their building.


Drug use is rampant in America, and unfortunately, schools are not immune from this practice. Security guards can help detect and prevent drug use and drug sales on school grounds. Their presence can deter criminals, and they can also report drug crimes to the police.


Graffiti, broken windows and damaged property are expensive for schools to manage. Repainting, repairing and replacing items can quickly add up and eat away at the school budget. The costs to recover from these attacks takes much-needed funds away from other educational efforts. Security guard services can help prevent these incidents. Guards can patrol the site to deter vandals, catch criminals in the act and help keep these attacks to a minimum.


In addition to property damage, schools often suffer from loss due to theft. Many schools have equipment that is costly to replace but is also easily stolen. Electronic equipment is frequently used in today’s classrooms, and these devices can be targets for potential thieves. Student backpacks are also at risk. Security guards can help prevent these acts of theft with daily patrols and onsite presence.


In addition to the tangible benefits offered by security guard services, students teachers and parents can benefit mentally and emotionally. The presence of guards can help everyone feel safer, which creates a better learning environment for students. Knowing they are protected, students can focus on their education rather than on their safety. Teachers, meanwhile, can rest assured that their environment is safe and can remained focused on teaching rather than on security.

Keep Chicago Schools Safe

To continue improving the safety of Chicagoland schools, your local security guard servicesare ready to offer their assistance. At American Pride Security Services, we provide highly trained guards who are dedicated to the safety of students. Our staff includes both male and female officers, bilingual officers and military veterans. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help protect area schools.

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