Types of Guards Provided by Your Security Guard Company in Fort Myers, FL

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What comes to mind when you picture a security guard? Do you envision a Secret Service agent protecting the president? Do you picture an armed officer confronting a bank robber? The truth is, there are many types of security guards who work in a variety of settings. Your security guard company in Fort Myers, FL offers a full range of expertise to provide guards for many of these situations.

Following are a few of the most common types of security guards. If you need security at your setting, one of these professionals can provide the protection you need.


An unarmed security guard is the most common type of guard in a majority of settings. This guard offers onsite presence to protect the premises. They are often employed at places of business, job sites or on personal property to physically patrol the location. They may also monitor electrical security systems. This type of guard is ready to respond to any threats that occur onsite. They also act as a deterrent to criminals, who can see that security measures are in place.


For settings that require a higher level of security, armed guards are available. These professionals possess additional certification and training that allow them to carry a lethal weapon. The presence of an armed guard is often enough to deter criminal activity. If a violent situation does arise, these guards are equipped with the skill and tools to respond in an effective manner to protect your property and people.


With the assistance of innovative technology, your security guard company in Fort Myers, FL can provide virtual guards for your site. This type of guard monitors a location remotely via cameras, sensors and other detection devices. The guard can be “onsite” 24/7 to ensure your building is always protected. You can enjoy the benefits of patrols and alarm activation without the presence of a physical guard. This provides great flexibility for your security solutions.


Could your day-to-day business operations benefit from security personnel? Corporate security guards specialize in integrating security into a company’s daily activities. They perform standard security duties as well as work with employees and customers to handle any issues that arise. The corporate guard will defuse any situations before they become serious threats.


Guards who specialize in warehouse security are trained in access control. These professionals ensure the property and possessions remain protected by granting access to appropriate personnel only and by monitoring detection systems. They respond to alerts and remain vigilant to detect unauthorized entry to the warehouse.

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For what type of setting do you need additional security? A specialized guard from a security guard company in Fort Myers, FL is the ideal solution. State regulated and licensed, American Pride Security Services offers a variety of guard types to protect your setting. We lead the industry in the skills, pride and honor that our officers bring to the job. Contact us today to find out what security options we can offer for your location.

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