How to Keep Your Property Safe from Break-Ins

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A home break-in or robbery can mess with your emotions and cause some level of financial and physical damage. You and your family may not feel safe for a long time afterward, which can leave everyone feeling stressed, anxious and even reluctant to leave the house at all. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent a burglary or break-in from ever happening in the first place. Whether you are at work or away on vacation, proper planning is key in the fight against crime.

So, how can you keep your home and property safe from criminals? Let’s get some insight from providers of security guard services in Fort Myers, FL:

  • Install deadbolt locks: Take a minute to check the locks on your exterior doors. If your main front door is not fitted with a deadbolt lock, it’s time to change that. Deadbolts offer a good defense against home break-ins when kept locked. They are especially good at stopping doors from being kicked in, as these types of locks are stronger than the typical doorknob twist lock. They are also more time-consuming to pick.
  • Keep your plans off of social media: Thanks to social media, it’s super easy to share your travel plans with your friends and acquaintances. At the click of a button, everyone in your cyber life will know about your vacation, your daily schedule, what you are doing and when you’ll be out of town. Keep in mind that social media profiles not set to private can be viewed by anyone with access to the internet—including criminals looking for their next victim.
  • Set light timers: Here’s a tip homeowners can use in their daily lives or as a step in their pre-vacation preparation: set timers on lights and other systems. To make your house appear occupied, put timers on indoor light fixtures to turn on and off at the times you’d normally be home. Some homeowners also choose to install permanent timers on their front porch lights. This is helpful for when they’re away on vacation, or simply to have a lit path when returning home after work.
  • Take ID info with you: Sometimes after a home break-in, a criminal might decide to add insult to injury and commit identity fraud. For this reason, be sure to take passports, driver’s licenses and other forms of identification with you on vacation. You could put these items in a secure, stationary home safe for protection.
  • Hire private security: Another home security option rising in popularity is hiring a private security guard company to patrol your home or property. Because wrongdoers are more likely to hit easy targets, the mere presence of a security officer can deter criminals.

Whether you are looking for security guard services in Fort Myers, FL to patrol your gated community every day, to watch your business complex in the evenings or to provide extra security at your hotel during special events, you can count on the expertise of American Pride Security Services. Give us a call today to learn more!

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