Hospital Security Demand in Florida Is on the Rise in 2019

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Private parties rely on the expertise of professional security guard services to protect buildings, homes, property, and belongings from damage or theft, as well as to protect people from harm. For example, a gated community may hire a security officer to patrol their neighborhood watching for suspicious goings-on, an individual homeowner might hire security personnel to watch over their home while out of town for a week or a business park may require a presence to increase security in its parking lot during the evenings.

However, when it comes to the demand for commercial security service in Fort Myers, FL in 2019, hospitals and other medical establishments top the list. Here’s what you need to know about why hospitals are looking to increase security in the new year.

Hospitals can benefit from security services

Since the hospital is where you go if you are experiencing a medical emergency or issue, you shouldn’t have to worry about your safety while you’re there. Unfortunately, recent incident reports prove the need for more hospital security these days.

No untrained person should attempt to handle a potentially dangerous situation on their own. If you spend lengthy amounts of time at a hospital as an employee, patient or visitor, then you know the importance of having visible security guards and police officers on the premises. Because of an increase in threats and dangers at hospitals, it’s best to call for qualified security personnel to take the lead 24/7.

Inappropriate behavior such as violence and aggression or physical and verbal abuse toward anyone on hospital property should never be tolerated. To enforce this policy, hospitals are planning to hire more private security personnel in 2019. This means they’ll be screening to ensure the people they hire are properly trained and certified to protect everyone inside the hospital and on hospital grounds.

Why hospitals experience threats

There’s more than one way to get to a hospital. Some people voluntarily walk into emergency rooms, others come into the ER by way of an ambulance and some people are admitted to the hospital prior to surgery. People may be admitted to hospitals for a variety of reasons. While some come in with injuries from accidents or natural causes like a heart attack or going into labor, others are brought in as a result of physical harm resulting from domestic disputes or gang violence.

When it comes to physical violence, it’s common for would-be assailants to try to gain access to the person or people they’ve harmed. Once someone is admitted to the hospital, the hospital staff wants to keep the patient safe while they’re getting treatment. The right kind of security needs to be at the ready to protect these patients, as well as the hospital staff.

Other common situations that can threaten a hospital’s security include aggressive behavior from those under the influence of drugs or alcohol and potentially unstable behavior from mentally disturbed patients.

If you’re interested in having more information about security patrol service in Fort Myers, FL for hospitals, please feel free to call American Pride Security Services today!

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