Hire a Proactive Security Patrol Service for Your Commercial Property in Fort Myers, FL

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Hollywood loves to portray security guards as the lazy, unaware people stationed in guard stands all night. In the movies, these guards are probably watching a TV show or sports game, paying very little attention to what’s going on around them, which is how the movie criminals get away with their crimes.

Unfortunately, the movies aren’t completely wrong. All too many security guards mimic what you see in the movies, leaving your commercial business open to intruders and thieves. This is why it’s so important to know exactly what kind of security guard services you’re hiring in Fort Myers, FL.

At American Pride Security Services, we don’t provide guards who let things slip by. Our security team is proactive, not reactive, to ensure that your business stays safe and secure all day and night. This is the kind of team you want to be patrolling your business.

Importance of proactive security guards

If you’re hiring a security team to keep watch over your commercial property, you want the guards to be proactive in finding and mitigating threats. These guards don’t just sit around; they will patrol your premises on foot or by vehicle to ensure the property is thoroughly watched.

Great proactive guards can offer your business the following:

  • Deter criminals: The presence of a security guard locked away in their guard stand might not matter much to a clever criminal, but a guard who actively patrols the property will be much more intimidating to wrongdoers. This will help deter criminals from entering your property for fear of getting caught.
  • Catch criminals before they strike: If a criminal does get bold and attempt to vandalize or rob your commercial property, a reactive guard will probably hear a noise and react to it too late. A proactive guard is much more likely to catch the criminal before they have a chance to do something wrong. This is a more effective security process and also saves you money, since your property, cash or equipment won’t be disturbed.
  • Rectify security issues: When security guards are active and alert on the job at all times, they are much more vigilant about finding and rectifying security issues. Proactive guards will be able to spot areas of your property and security processes that pose risks and work with you to fix them for a more secure campus.

Qualities of a proactive security guard

Proactive security guards tend to have different qualities than reactive guards. Our guards aren’t merely reactive—they’ll keep constant watch to identify problems before they occur, not after. These guards have a keen eye and experience in security, meaning they know how to spot a fishy visitor or an employee who’s up to something.

They are also trained to respond. When something goes awry, they will have the training and experience necessary to deal with the problem and keep everyone safe.

If you’re in need of top-quality security guard services in Fort Myers, FL, call American Pride Security Services. Our security guards are state regulated and licensed, with experience in a wide range of emergency situations.

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