What Can a Security Officer Do for Your Construction Site in Fort Myers, FL?

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Your construction site is full of expensive materials and equipment, safety concerns and potential security breaches. In order to keep the job site secure, you might install fences and security cameras. Unfortunately, though, these precautions aren’t always enough to deter criminals and trespassers.

Hiring a construction site security guard in Fort Myers, FL provides you with a reliable way to control what is happening on your job site and ensure that everyone stays safe and no criminal or unwanted activity occurs.

Here are just a few things that a security guard can do to make your construction site safer:

  • Prevent vandalism: One of the most common frustrations construction site owners experience is vandalism. Without a guard standing by, bored teenagers with spray paint in hand or demonstrators who are against your project can easily sneak on the job site and vandalize your project and materials. These messes can be costly and time-consuming to clean up. With a security guard patrolling day and night, these activities are far less likely.
  • Prevent material theft: The materials you keep on your job site are very expensive, and most of them are left out in the open due to a lack of shelter or storage. Metals, glass and other building materials can easily be removed from your site and sold by criminals. Additionally, your materials and equipment are also expensive; theft or destruction can be costly. But if you have a security patrol service in Ft. Myers, FL, wrongdoers either won’t risk it or will be caught.
  • Ensure safety: During the daylight hours when your crew is hard at work, you need to make sure people aren’t wandering around the grounds and putting themselves at risk of getting hurt. Part of your security guard’s job is to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, doing what they should be doing, so accidents don’t happen.
  • Control visitor access: You need to be sure that people who aren’t supposed to be on your site don’t get access. But if you’re busy managing a crew or are off-site, who is responsible for checking IDs and managing visitors? Hiring a construction site security guard in Ft. Myers, FL can help you manage visitors on your site and keep unauthorized personnel off the premises.
  • Mitigate conflicts: Sometimes, tensions get high between the individuals on your job site. This can lead to fights and safety concerns, especially if nobody with authority is around to stop the conflict. Security guards can keep an eye out for unruly behavior and de-escalate situations before they reach a critical level.

If you’re interested in hiring a security guard to monitor your construction site, look no further than American Pride Security Services. Our professional security guards are experienced and provide a wealth of services to keep your job site safe. We are the experts in security patrol service in Fort Myers, FL, offering security surveys, unarmed and uniformed officers, emergency planning, property patrol and more. Call us today to learn how we can take your security to the next level.

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