Why Your Florida Hotel or Resort Needs a Security Officer

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Staying at a hotel is supposed to be a relaxing experience for guests. They’re focused on the day’s activities, where they will eat dinner and whether now is the best time to hit the pool. Whether the hotel and their belongings are secure should be the last thing on their mind.

Travelers and tourists expect to be safe when they check into a hotel for a vacation or business. That’s why securing the facility and protecting customers should be the top priority of hotel management. But this can be a big challenge, with hundreds or even thousands of people coming in and out of the hotel every day. Hotels need the help of a commercial security service in Fort Myers, FL. Security guards are trained to constantly maintain a high level of safety while also emphasizing the value of great customer service. Having a security guard on the property will deter guests and others from engaging in any criminal behavior.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why your hotel needs to hire a security patrol service in Fort Myers, FL:

  • Sense of security: Just having a guard on the property can bring guests a sense of security. They’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the management is concerned about their wellbeing and is willing to take the necessary steps to keep both them and their belongings safe.
  • Prevention: A security guard is the perfect deterrent to crime. Aspiring misbehavers and criminals will think twice before engaging in any questionable activities after they spot a uniformed security guard.
  • Avoid disruptions: Guards are trained to recognize a security breach and react immediately to prevent loss and ensure guest safety—all without making a scene. This is especially important in a resort or hotel setting, where relaxation and fun are an important part of the guest experience. The security officer will take care of any issues quickly and discreetly, so guests will not notice anything.
  • Protect the building itself: The hotel itself is the biggest asset in the hospitality industry. A major loss to the building could cause the company thousands of dollars in repairs and even result in loss of business. An on-site security officer will prevent or limit damage to the property.
  • Keep employees safe: Hotel employees are experts at providing top-level customer service and hospitality to even the most difficult guests, but they’re not cops. Sometimes a law enforcement presence is needed to handle an especially trying or even dangerous situation. Protect your employees by hiring a security patrol service.

Ensuring the guests, staff and building are protected is crucial for both small boutique hotels and large name-brand chains. Hotels need a specialized security guard trained to handle the unique and varied threats found in the hospitality industry. Contact American Pride Security Services today to hire one of our experienced officers who specialize in providing quality security services for Florida hotel properties. We look forward to showing you all the benefits that come with hiring a commercial security service in Fort Myers, FL!

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