Security Guards See It All—Because They’re Trained for It

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Security guards play an important role in keeping your business safe. It’s a surprisingly demanding job, one that requires a lot of effort and attentiveness. Quality guards are ready and alert at all times. A respected security patrol service in Bloomingdale, IL will make sure their guards are prepared for what they need to do. Here’s a look at some of the surprising things security guards need for this demanding job:

  • Intense training: No matter what they’re guarding, everyone who works for security patrol services in Bloomingdale, IL goes through training. The guards have to complete annual testing and, if they carry a firearm, have to pass tests for that, as well. Some schools have even developed specific programs to train and teach future security guards.
  • Look with a purpose: Security guards aren’t just looking around—they’re usually told what to look for. If there is an uptick in crime because of a gang, they’ll be on the lookout for any signs of said gang members. They also do their best to be aware of any police reports about suspects to keep their eyes and ears open.
  • Shoplift at your own peril: Security guards know exactly what to look for when spotting shoplifters—oversized jackets, large purses and looking around too much while shopping. Security guards are limited in what they can do to a shoplifter. However, they can’t chase after one if they run, as they’re not police officers. They’re also limited in what they can do to detain someone. The security patrol service in Bloomingdale, IL needs to have visual proof of a crime. The guard has to see the suspect conceal the merchandise and watch them leave with it. Even then, their ability to stop the shoplifter is limited.
  • Technology changes: Technology has done an amazing job in leveling the playing field. Whether through cameras or other helpful technology, such as alarms, a security patrol service in Bloomingdale, IL isn’t the only line of defense when protecting your business. Smart technology means the huge department store and the little mom-and-pop shop down the street can both be well protected.
  • Alert and ready: Security guards adjust their level of attention based on the job. At some jobs, they need to constantly be on high alert for any wrongdoing, like at major museums and high-end stores. Other jobs are a little more relaxed, where the security patrol service just needs to keep an eye on a variety of things throughout the area, but isn’t as focused on specifics. There’s also the priority order that guards need to look for. Some must protect staff and guests first, while others are primarily there to protect the art or merchandise.

American Pride Security Services can provide skillful and hard-working security patrol service in Bloomingdale, IL. We’re state regulated and licensed and are a proud employer of several military veterans. Unlike most security companies, we stand behind our service with a guarantee that, if you are not happy with the service we provide and the problem cannot be resolved, we will void the remainder of the contract. Call us or visit us today and see why we are so proud of our company!

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