The Role of an Auto Dealership Security Guard

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Shopping for a new car typically isn’t the most fun experience. You’ve got the pushy sales guy trying to get you to buy a vehicle you don’t need or add unnecessary features to the vehicle you’re considering buying. While we’re not fans of those types of sales tactics, we are committed to ensuring everyone and everything at an auto dealership is safe and secure. Here are a few of the reasons car dealerships might hire a security patrol service:

  • Provide a sense of safety: Our guards pride themselves on providing a sense of safety for everyone at your car dealership. Both your employees and customers will feel better about being at your lot knowing they’re protected from any outside threat or person trying to do harm. Additionally, our guards will help put your mind at ease knowing that nothing will go wrong under their watchful eye.
  • Protect vehicles from vandals: Whether vehicle vandals are just looking to cause mischief on your car lot or actively trying to destroy your merchandise, vandals are always something to worry about. Security cameras might deter some vandals, but the best way to prevent any vandalism is to have a security guard patrolling your lot around the clock. Give us a call today to learn more about our 24/7 patrol services!
  • Prevent theft: The only thing worse than vehicle vandalism is theft. Your insurance will help you recoup the cost of a stolen vehicle, but that’s a big hassle. Much like how we protect you from vandalism, the best way to deter would-be thieves is by stationing a uniformed security guard at your lot. There’s no way a thief will go forward with a crime if they know they’ll be apprehended by one of our guards.
  • Deter other crimes: Vandalism and theft aren’t the only crimes that might be committed on car lots. As you know, both violent and non-violent crimes can happen anywhere at any time. You can help ensure your auto dealership isn’t turned into a crime scene by hiring a security patrol service. From drug deals to violent crimes, we can prevent all kinds of bad things from happening on your lot, both day and night.
  • Monitor the lot 24/7: Issues don’t always when your dealership is open. In fact, many of the problems that occur at car dealerships happen after you close for the day. Because of this, you need to have someone on site around the clock to keep an eye on things. Hire a uniformed security guard to patrol your property day and night. We can either stop something bad from happening or alert the proper authorities.
  • Maintain order: Large groups of people in one place at the same time can get out of hand rather quickly. Are you prepared to handle this situation at your auto dealership? If not, give us a call. Our guards are trained to maintain order when things go awry at your place of business.

The choice is simple—protect your inventory and customers by hiring a security patrol service. Give American Pride Security Services a call today for more information about all of our services, or to hire one of our guards to patrol your lot.

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