The Role of a Hospital Security Guard

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When you think about hospital staff, you probably think of doctors, nurses and the other professionals who are in charge of caring for patients. While their importance certainly can’t be understated, one of the other important jobs in a hospital is that of a security guard. A commercial security guard works behind the scenes in the hospital performing a variety of crucial duties that help keep everyone safe and keep hospital operations flowing smoothly. Continue reading to learn more about the role of our hospital guards:

  • Protect visitors and employees: First and foremost, a security guard’s duty in a hospital is to protect everyone in the building at all times. Whether someone is wielding a weapon or just threatening people with provocative words or actions, we’re always ready to protect employees, patients and visitors. There’s no telling what’s going to happen at a hospital at any given moment—trust our professionals to keep you secure.
  • Guard information: Hospitals are full of all sorts of private medical and personal information. One of our main duties is to protect that info from getting into the wrong hands. We help ensure everyone’s medical records are safe behind closed doors, so nobody gets in and accesses vital personal information. Keep your patients’ identities safe by hiring our guards to patrol your records office.
  • Keep an eye on medications: Drug addicts will stop at nothing to break into a hospital to steal powerful pain relievers. You can’t risk having all of those medications stolen—hire a commercial security guard to protect your prescriptions. We do our best to prevent all sorts of theft, especially the theft of powerful prescription drugs.
  • Respond to emergencies: When a patient’s condition suddenly goes from bad to worse, you need someone available to assist in any way possible. Even though our security guards aren’t medical professionals, we’re still able to help out in emergency situations. Even if it’s just helping a patient who’s fallen down, we’ll be there to get them back up and get them the help they need.
  • Greet and escort patients: Your patients want to see a friendly face when they arrive at the hospital. After all, they’re probably nervous and don’t want to be at the hospital in the first place. Place one of our security guards at the hospital entrance to help settle the minds of your patients by greeting them with a smile. We’re also able to point everyone in the right direction or escort patients to help keep foot traffic flowing smoothly.
  • Do anything else asked: A commercial security guard is on site to help out wherever he or she can. Regardless of the task, we guarantee one of our guards will do whatever is necessary to help out with the situation.

There’s no sense in leaving your hospital unguarded and unprepared for emergency situations. Give American Pride Security Services a call today to hire our team of professionals to keep a watchful eye on your patients, visitors, staff, information and medications.

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  • Jesse Ford says:

    Thanks for mentioning that some roles of a hospital security guard include protecting visitors and employees, keep an eye on medications and respond to emergencies. I think it’s a good idea that a healthcare facility has a reputable protection service to watch over the staff so they can do their jobs safely. It also seems like a good investment to hire members from a reputable agency to provide quality service if a hospital is thinking of hiring protection.

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