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Whether you manage a boutique hotel with just a handful of rooms or you are responsible for a large hotel with hundreds of rooms, it is imperative to ensure that the guests, staff and the building itself remain protected at all times. While hiring a standard security guard can be effective and is certainly better than nothing, hotels are open to unique and varied threats, and as a result typically need specialized hotel security guard services Here are several things you should look for when hiring an experienced security team:

  • Proper training and industry knowledge: Because hotels deal with a unique set of potential threats, any security agency that is hired will need to have experience with hotel industry processes and procedures. A quality security firm will assess the property so that they can create tailor-made security services for your specific hotel, and the staff will be properly trained so that they can get acclimated to your needs quickly and seamlessly.
  • Licensing: Making sure that your security company is licensed before you sign any contracts is critical. If a company is licensed with the state, that means they are following all of the current regulations both with their company and its employees. It also shows that they care about their clients, as their licensed status can help protect you from potential legal ramifications as well.
  • Good customer service: Although the primary function of any security agency you hire is to protect your premises, there will be times in which they might have to interact with hotel guests as well. For this reason, any company you select will need to have guards with a good record for customer service so you can be sure that they will conduct themselves with proper decorum the entire time they are on hotel property.
  • Specialized services: The best type of hotel security service is one that can adapt to your needs. For example, there might be a language barrier between you and your clientele, and you may be in need of bilingual security guards. Or perhaps your hotel is known for creating a certain type of upscale atmosphere, and it is best for you to seek out a security agency whose trained guards can wear business attire instead of the traditional security uniform.
  • Reputation: The best way to gauge how suitable of a fit a security agency will be for your hotel is to do your research. Check with other hotels in the area that have employed an agency about the experiences they have had. Also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company you want to work with has an established history of providing exemplary service.

If you want the very best in hotel security guard services to make sure that your property remains protected at all times, contact the team at American Pride Security Services. With well over a decade of experience providing security in the hotel industry, you can rely on our highly-trained and customer-oriented staff to help keep your property protected. Make sure to give us a call today to learn about the many ways we can keep your hotel safeguarded and secure!

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