Why Your Business Should Consider an Unarmed Security Officer in Fort Myers, FL

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Securing your property or business doesn’t have to mean lookout posts, guard dogs and heavily armed guards. Sometimes, having unarmed security on the premises is enough to deter a would-be criminal. Depending on the location you are trying to secure, you might find that an unarmed guard is more practical. You might be asking, “What good is a guard without a gun?” The truth is that security personnel provide a number of valuable services without having to pack heat.

Here’s why an unarmed security officer in Fort Myers, FL may be the right choice for the safety of your business.


Whether it’s private property or a valuable business you are trying to protect, consider going gun-less for safety sake. While many security guards are trained to handle firearms, the presence of a gun can unnecessarily escalate a situation and make it more dangerous for all involved. Say, for example, an armed robber sneaks up on a lone security guard, who tries to pull his weapon only to have the robber react with force. Depending on the training (and luck) your particular guard has, the situation could easily fall out of their favor and leave them injured or worse. However unlikely that scenario might be for your business, it’s worth considering carefully.


Let’s face it—some people are just not comfortable around firearms, even if they are in the right hands. With armed security, you need to be cognizant of your environment—be it a workplace, school or place of worship—and adjust accordingly. Not all of your customers, employees or visitors are going to be comfortable while there is a gun around. In some environments, having a set of eyes and fingers ready to make notes and report issues to the police is all the deterrence you need to keep your valuable property safe.


The simple fact of the matter is that an armed, trained guard is going to cost more because of the training and licensing requirements that allow them to carry a firearm in the first place. This cost ultimately gets transferred to you and your customers and doesn’t always provide the benefit you might think. Before jumping to the idea of only hiring an armed guard, consider what we’ve talked about so far and whether it’s really worth the additional cost.

Engaged observers

Pulling and holding a gun on a suspected criminal takes a lot of focus and care. The focus required could be better used getting valuable details for the police, such as hair color, license plate number, and surfaces they touched for fingerprinting. Sometimes a gun complicates the situation and can lead to your guard’s focus being in other areas. If the bad guys escape and your guard was too busy focusing on his gun, he is no good to your business.

It’s important that you protect your business from criminals while also ensuring the safety and comfort of your staff and customers. Contact the team at American Pride Security Services today for more information about hiring an unarmed security officer in Fort Myers, FL.

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