Six Tips to Enhance Your Retail Store Security in Fort Myers, FL

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Running a business is hard work. Since you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your business, you must do what you can to protect it. Here are six tips to help you enhance your retail store security in Fort Myers, FL:

  • Install a security system: Large retail chains are not the only stores that can benefit from security camera installation. Today, many small retailers are investing in video surveillance to ensure the safety of their staff and customers and to protect their inventory from vandals and shoplifters. The great thing about modern-day security cameras is that they can be big and obvious or placed discreetly up in store corners. You can pick according to your preference.
  • Hire a security guard: You might consider hiring on-site security guards for day and/or night patrol of your business. Choose from armed and unarmed security officers depending on your type of business. For example, banks and high-end jewelry stores may want armed guards, while strip malls and hotels might prefer unarmed. Having a visible security presence could make all the difference for the safety of your business.
  • Lock up merchandise: Consider investing in display cases that lock to house expensive or small items you have for sale. Customers can still see them, but cannot touch them without the assistance of an employee. You might also only put out a few items at a time and leave the rest behind closed doors or locked in an inventory safe.
  • Post your shoplifting policy: It’s a good idea to be very clear about your business’ shoplifting policy. This can be done by posting your shoplifting policy around your shop to warn would-be thieves that you will not hesitate to take action against them, prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. Your posted notices should work well as a strong deterrent against crime.
  • Always be on alert: You and your employees need to be aware and alert all the time to keep your retail store safe and secure—especially during opening and closing. You might even consider having training sessions for your staff. You should also be especially alert when trucks arrive with new inventory and are careful not to display expensive and/or small merchandise where shoplifters can easily pocket it.
  • Learn to identify shoplifters: Another good idea is for retail shop owners to learn how to identify potential shoplifters in their store. It’s a helpful skill that pairs well with surveillance systems and can help a great deal in retail loss prevention. Because security cameras can only see so much, you and your employees will need to be able to spot a shoplifter both in person and on camera. Learning to watch for certain behavioral shifts in customers—such as tensing up, nervousness, shiftiness or loitering—helps employees be more alert to shoplifting. Also, be wary of people who gravitate toward hard-to-see or poorly monitored areas.

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