Five Reasons to Choose Professional Security Guard Services in Bloomingdale, IL for a Retail Establishment

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As a brick and mortar retail business, you likely have a security system and cameras in place to protect your inventory. However, the alarm you set at the end of every workday and having visible cameras are not the only preventative measures you can take against would-be robbers. This is where hiring a security guard for your business could be of big help. Unfortunately, some business owners see security guards as an unnecessary expense. However, depending on what type of industry you are in and the area where your store is located, they may actually be more than worth it.

Are you still not sure if a security guard is right for you? Here are five reasons to consider investing in professional security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL for your retail establishment:

  • Crime deterrent: While placing security cameras and alarm placards in plain sight might make a person reconsider committing a crime, having a security guard patrolling the property may just scare them away for good. This is because a good security guard has the training to detect suspicious activity and is able to prevent criminal acts before they happen. Even better, the combination of business security cameras and visible security guards is an extremely effective crime deterrent.
  • Stop robberies and crimes: Many reputable security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL train their personnel in weapons use and oftentimes hand-to-hand combat. Thanks to this kind of training, a security guard could potentially stop a robbery or another type of crime in progress. Due to safety or liability, a client or the security company may forbid the security guard from confronting a criminal. In this case, they understand they are to contact the proper authorities immediately and take safe, appropriate measures to stop the situation from escalating.
  • Versatility: Most professional security guards are trained to provide additional services, instead of merely being present at your business. Depending on the agreement a client has with the security service company, your security guard could take on other duties, including monitoring the security cameras, standing guard in restricted areas, providing extra backup to drivers during product deliveries and protecting the property after hours.
  • Help with customer service: Did you know that hiring a security guard can improve your retail business’ customer service? Your customers will look at your security guard as a trusted individual, so they may ask for guidance around your store or to be walked through a dark parking lot.
  • Peace of mind: When security guards are around, you are bound to feel safer. Business owners and employees can focus on their work better knowing someone is there to protect them—especially if you sell expensive items that are appetizing to criminals. Also, your customers will get the impression that their safety is important to you. This provides peace of mind for everyone.

To learn more about what professional security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL can do for your business, call the experts at American Pride Security Services. We will be happy to answer all your questions or get services started for you as soon as possible!

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  • Thanks for going over some of the benefits for getting a professional security guard service. It was interesting to read that these guards are versatile, and are actually trained to provide different services. I’m kind of curious to learn more about these services. Maybe doing some research about them beforehand can help you understand what kind of qualifications you are looking for.

  • Max Jones says:

    I think that the topic of executive security is really interesting and I’ve been wanting to learn more about it. I think that your ideas for some reasons to have security would be smart. I think that being able to have someone at a business to stop crime and robberies would be helpful for any business, and worth the investment in executive security!

  • Thanks for your comment about how security guards can help protect you and your property during the theft and other crimes because they are experts in combat and using weapons. I like how you said that they are trained and dedicated to keeping places as safe as possible. My husband is considering security agencies to suggest at his work to make sure that their belongings stay safe during the day and night.

  • Thanks for your tips on choosing a security guard. Like you mentioned, a security guard will deter potential thefts and scare away those that might be up to no good. I have a friend who works at a tech company with a lot of expensive products sitting in their office. I’ll have to let him know about the benefits of getting a security guard.

  • Mark Finch says:

    Thank you for your article about security services. It’s nice to know that most of the guards are trained to operate weapons. Aside from that, it’s great that many of the security personnel can also assist in different tasks. One thing I think you forgot to mention is a clean background. I’d like the idea of entrusting the safety of my establishment to a reputable security personnel.

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