Why Should You Hire an Unarmed Security Officer in Fort Myers, FL?

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When your goal is to increase the level of protection for your community or business as a whole, the first asset you should look into is a privately hired security guard. With a security service, you’ll be better protected from potential crime and violence, and your customers will feel your business is a safe place to shop.

However, depending on your business’ needs, hiring armed security guards may be unnecessary. The truth is that many homeowners and businesses benefit greatly from having unarmed security guards protecting their property. Their presence offers unbeatable peace of mind, and people feel comfortable being in their own domain.

If you are thinking about bringing on a security guard service, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the cost, read on! Here are some of the benefits of hiring an unarmed security officer in Fort Myers, FL.

To lower the chances of violent outcomes

Since unarmed security guards do not carry firearms, there’s less chance of violence happening on your property. The presence of unarmed guards should be a good deterrent against crime because they act more like a lookout than a bouncer or police officer. So, if someone is trespassing or attempting a robbery, your unarmed guard can contact law enforcement and give them details about the crime.

To physically monitor entry points

Access control can be an issue for some neighborhoods and certain types of businesses. For people living in gated communities, unarmed guards can be stationed at each gate to monitor who comes and goes to keep out non-residents and uninvited guests to prevent residential burglaries. And businesses that sell valuable merchandise or have a lot of cash on hand—like banks and jewelry stores—are prime targets for thieves, so they may want to have all store entry points covered by unarmed uniformed guards.

To patrol parking lots

From car vandalism to physical assaults, there is a host of scary things that can happen in unattended parking lots—especially after the sun goes down. For this reason, you should consider hiring a professional security guard service. Unarmed security officers are an excellent choice to patrol business and educational campus parking lots because they know how to detect suspicious activity and what actions to take.

To have security at all hours

There are other types of businesses besides retail stores and banks that need adequate security around the clock, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, and private business buildings. Moreover, any business at which employees tend to work late should invest in overnight security personnel to ensure safety. Whether security is needed in a building, on the outside of a building or in a parking lot or garage, unarmed security guards can provide peace of mind morning, day and night.

For more information about hiring an unarmed security officer in Fort Myers, FL, contact the experienced team at American Pride Security Services. We will gladly explain the difference between armed and unarmed security guards, and suggest the best option for your needs. Call us today!

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