The Role of a Commercial Security Service in Fort Myers, FL in Promoting Fire Safety

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If you have a business space or own a commercial property, then you might be interested in hiring a security officer (also called a security guard) to take charge of all your safety and security concerns. With a security officer patrolling the grounds, there’s less chance of criminal activity, and your employees and customers will feel safer. Many security companies also train their officers to deal with fires in the workplace, but the security officer needs to know your protocol for fire emergencies prior to starting service.

Without a doubt, you need to make sure you are hiring the right security officer for your needs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the role of a commercial security service in Fort Myers, FL when it comes to fire safety.

Fire prevention

Whether patrolling a shopping mall or a college campus parking lot, one of the most essential duties of a security guard is to be observant. They must always be watching the property for suspicious activity and unauthorized individuals to prevent a crime from happening. The same thing applies to being vigilant of fire hazards—like noticing sparks or heat coming from electrical panels or equipment or around flammable materials. The officer will also inspect fire extinguishers regularly. Explain to your security officer what it is your business does and the products you work with so they are properly prepared.

Make important phone calls

Regardless of whether you hire a security guard to work during business hours with people present or to patrol the property alone after hours, the security guard is typically the first person to sound the alarm and call for help in the event of a fire. If there are signs of a fire—such as an alarm sounding or the presence of smoke—the security officer may be expected to confirm that there is indeed a fire. Should there actually be a fire emergency, the guard will activate the fire alarm, call the fire department and inform the client of the situation. They will also report to their supervisor.

Help with evacuation

Before a commercial security officer begins a new patrol, they need to know the exact evacuation procedures for every type of emergency situation the client has in place. In general, basic evacuation procedures will likely include calming down and directing crowds of people to the nearest emergency exit, as well as dealing with large crowds once everyone is outside the building. And there’s a good chance they will be the person communicating important information to the emergency response team at the scene. Additionally, the security officer should regularly check that emergency exits are clear, with no objects in the way to block fire escape routes or exits.

Can your business benefit from hiring an experienced commercial security service in Fort Myers, FL? At American Pride Security Services, all our patrol vehicles come equipped with a fire extinguisher and a security officer who knows how to use it. Contact us to learn more about our fire safety procedures, or to start taking advantage of professional security services today!

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