An Exceptional Security Guard Company Will Possess Strong Customer Service Skills

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When you’re looking for a security guard service to patrol your property, one of the first things you are likely to check on is whether the company has a good track record of crime prevention. This makes sense, since you are hiring a guard to patrol a property you own—like your business building or other commercial property. But what you may not have considered is how important it is for security officers to possess the skills necessary to interact with you and your customers at a personal level.

Why is this type if interaction important? Because in addition to wanting to deter crime, your reason for hiring a security guard is to feel safe and comfortable—and good customer service is a big piece of this puzzle, whether you know it or not.

Here are five must-have customer service skills of an exceptional security guard company:

  • Greets people with a smile: In many cases, the uniformed security officer is the first person your guests or customers see when they enter your property or business. This is the best time for security guards to smile, wave and give a warm greeting, as it’s a great way to make a good first impression. And not only will a friendly greeting go a long way, but it’s also liable to make a positive impact.
  • Makes eye contact: Security guards are trained to be alert and attentive, so it’s only natural for them to make eye contact with clients and a client’s customers 100 percent of the time. Good eye contact shows the guard is willing to connect with others, and in turn, people will feel comfortable coming to your security guard for any kind of help they need.
  • Gets to know clients: Building a rapport between clients and security officers makes for a fantastic working relationship. The truth is, it doesn’t take much to get to know someone. A security officer trained to provide good customer service will have pleasant communication skills, and may approach you like they would a friend. If clients feel like the officer wants to get to know them, then they can rest easier knowing their home or business is in good hands.
  • Always listens: As the client, you are bound to have concerns, issues or complaints that you want to relay to your security guard. When you do speak with them, they should hear you out until the end without interrupting and then repeat back a summary of what you just said. This is called active listening, which is a necessary trait of a top-notch security officer.
  • Shows empathy: It’s crucial that guards express that they care, because especially when in uniform, a security guard is looked at as an authority figure, a person someone can go to for help. And as the client, you want your problems to be acknowledged and understood.

At American Pride Security Services, we are proud to employ skilled and friendly security officers who are highly trained in protection services and effective communication. All this and more makes us a top choice security guard company. Give us a call to learn more about our services!

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