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When you need security assistance with your event or commercial property, you cannot go wrong with American Pride Security Services. While the thought of a “rent a cop” service in Fort Myers, FL sometimes encourages a derogatory image, our core values of pride, dignity, and honor, along with excellent training and experience, challenges common assumptions. We are a reliable source for your protection needs. Here is why you should hire us for security detail:

  • Industry respect and experience: Knowledge and experience help us stand out. Owner and manager Neal Loftus has been a leader and expert in the security industry for over 30 years. Our family-owned company emphasizes good training and people skills, so most situations can be defused rather than ended forcefully. We seek to provide security while also considering human dignity with each interaction. Not only will people feel safe, they will also know we respect them. Many dangerous situations are avoided because of this approach alone.
  • People-focused approach: Our officers understand that their presence is often the best deterrent against trouble. Rather than throw their power around, they focus on their positive impact so criminal activity is avoided and people feel safe. At events, officers offer a reassuring presence and discourage bad behavior. If we secure your commercial property, we follow the rules and regulations of your business and pay attention to details. Many of our officers are bilingual, which helps communication even further. Above all, we emphasize customer service in all our work, so you know the job is done right.
  • Trusted by many: We provide security for many well-known Chicago companies. This is due to our reputation and propensity to hire men and women with strong backgrounds, good training and the ability to communicate effectively. Our clients know that we accept nothing but the best, and that helps them trust and rely on us. If you want references, we will happily provide them so you can hear from clients directly.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Our company stands by our officers and our services. You will likely approve of the results and feel comfortable with our presence. Noticeable results in loss prevention and feelings of wellbeing also emerge. But even with the best approach, exceptions can occur. If there is a problem that is not resolved to your expectations, or you are generally unsatisfied, we will void the service contract without additional charges to you.
  • Actionable results: In addition to providing guards and patrols, we also consult on security matters. These services assist in improving your current security infrastructure. We analyze factors, anticipate issues and recommend how to minimize the risk. All of this is provided in a detailed report that will break down the good, the bad and the outright dangerous. Even if you have a high-tech surveillance system, there can still be shortcomings. We can find them and make your property safer and more secure.

To work with the best rent a cop service in Fort Myers, FL, call American Pride Security Services today.

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