Safety Tips from Your Commercial Security Service in Fort Myers, FL

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Businesses definitely benefit from commercial security service in Fort Myers, FL, but there are also low-cost ways you can enhance safety. As a business owner, you cannot be everywhere at once, and on the residential front, you must keep family members accountable on safety measures. Here are six tips for securing your premises, and many of these suggestions work at home, too:

  • Emphasize accountability: Designate a trusted employee to check items at closing time. Using forms can work well here; not only do they contain a list of things to do, but the act of checking items off helps assure they are finished. Include checking doors and windows to assure they are secured. Emphasize awareness, like noticing when people are loitering outside or if there are strange vehicles in the parking lot or driveway. These may be signs to be wary of. Finally, include arming the alarm as the last step and walk the employee through the process once before leaving them on their own. Check their routine and offer incentives to encourage good habits.
  • Make things easy: It is easier to enhance security if the steps are simple. If your commercial building has many windows, for example, seal some of them so an employee does not have to check dozens of them. At home, install measures like garage door openers that close the door automatically after it is open for a time, and alarms that sound an alert or send a text message if doors are left open. There is no shame in employing technological reminders if they prevent you from filing an insurance claim. If you have access to them, use them.
  • Install motion detection lights: Installing these lights offers many security benefits besides just providing light. The sudden lighting of the premises will jar any would-be thief. It also alerts neighbors and passersby to something amiss. Think of motion detection lights as a silent alarm and a deterrent. They truly work well.
  • Watch your landscaping: Overgrown shrubs and bushes provide hiding spaces and cover for criminal activity. Many break-ins occur because errant vegetation hides burglars as they enter and exit homes and businesses with profitable loot. Trim back shrubs and hire a landscaping company if that helps you stay consistent with maintenance. If you have room for thorny plants near windows or doors, those can serve as a deterrent, too. Many species can injure people as badly as a barbed wire fence while still serving a decorative purpose.
  • Replace keys: If you terminate an employee or housekeeper, rekey your doors even if you collect their key. It is estimated that one-third of break-ins occur because someone had access to a key or made a copy of a previous key. The easiest way to assure this is to invest in programmable door locks where people enter with a code rather than a key. That way, it is just a matter of changing the code, rather than rekeying everything.
  • Consider CCTV: Cameras act as a deterrent, but also record criminal activity as it happens. If you own multifamily housing, for example, place cameras in parking lots, laundry rooms and the swimming pool to help security. Test the DVR system before you rely on it and keep it in a locked box that is only accessible to security personnel.

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