Good Reasons to Hire Event Security for Your Next Neighborhood Party

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Everyone can appreciate a party that’s been nicely put together. Having a plan means it won’t be chaotic and you can actually relax and mingle. However, having a plan does not guarantee a total absence of problems. With that in mind, here are a few good reasons to hire event security in Fort Myers, FL and the Southwest Florida area for your next neighborhood block party:

  • To keep partygoers safe: It’s not uncommon for tight-knit neighborhoods to throw block parties throughout the year to celebrate being a community. With the street blocked off, the barbecue grills out and music playing, you would think that everyone is ready for a fun, yet safe time. But although you may not be able to predict problems, you can assume that there will be people who won’t be so neighborly. When hired security is present, long-simmering neighbor disputes are less likely to manifest into fights and cars will be safely detoured around a blocked street to avoid accidents
  • To maintain order: Although a security officer won’t know everyone who lives on a particular street, they are trained to detect potential problems and read suspicious behavior. Namely, they watch for rowdy partygoers as well as people at the neighborhood party who shouldn’t be there. In most cases, the mere presence of a security officer’s badge may be enough to prevent bad behavior. If not, then they are going to be the one to call the police.
  • To prevent stealing: During a neighborhood street party, you might decide to leave your front door unlocked or open for easy access to and from the festivities. Unfortunately, this also means easy access for criminals. If you can just walk in, then so can they! This is especially a problem in a neighborhood where not all neighbors know each other. You could see someone walking into the house across the way and leaving with a television set, but if you don’t know your neighbor, you may not suspect a robbery. On the other hand, event security won’t have a problem asking questions and reporting a theft.
  • To watch homes: Along the same lines, hired security may be instructed to watch the homes during a neighborhood event. Why? Because more often than not, a block party is only going to take place on a single street, not on every single street in the community. What this means is a lot of empty houses surrounding the main party location. With visible security officers also patrolling these streets, there’s less of a chance for break-ins, property vandalism or other criminal acts that can affect homes.
  • To provide peace of mind: Simply put, hiring trained security to help out at your next event will provide you with the peace of mind you otherwise wouldn’t have. You and other party attendees will feel safer knowing there are trained eyes on the event, as well as on your homes.

Don’t let stress and worry take away from the fun you should be having at your neighborhood party. Contact the team of trained, professional event security at American Pride Security Services today!

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