Nine Qualities of a Good Security Guard

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Security guards are valuable members of any team, whether you run a business, school, office or other facility—but you and your property are only as safe as your security guard is good. When hiring a security guard or security firm, it’s important that they’re safe, trustworthy and mature enough to deescalate conflict whenever possible.

Read on to learn about the most desirable security guard qualities and traits in Fort Myers, FL, then call American Pride Security Services, Inc. to find out how our crew will meet and exceed these expectations:

  • Professional: You wouldn’t hire anyone off the street to be your company’s CFO, and making sure you take a similar approach to hiring a professional security firm is key to getting great results. Your security guards should be well trained, know what is expected of them and be able to deliver those results without unnecessary conflict.
  • Trustworthy: If you are putting your business or other facility in someone else’s hands, they need to be trustworthy. Look for firms that thoroughly screen their workers and go the extra mile to ensure you’re safe.
  • A great communicator: Although we think of security guards as being on hand to break up fights, prevent break-ins and deter theft, one of the most important things they can do is communicate with other people. You want guards who are friendly and professional to the public, but able to be firm and clear whenever necessary.
  • Versatile: Your guards need to be able to patrol, supervise, manage crowds and other duties specific to your type of facility, and they should be able to switch gears on a dime.
  • Observant: Of course, part of preventing or deterring crime is being observant. Hire a team that guarantees no one will be playing on their phone while a burglar sneaks around the back to help themselves to your property.
  • Knows how to differentiate between observations and threats: Of course, being observant is only one piece of the puzzle—the security guards you hire also need to be able to differentiate between unimportant observations and genuine threats.
  • Writes excellent reports: Security reports are an important piece of evidence if something strange or criminal happens, so you want a security guard that can write clear, thorough and logical reports.
  • Presentable: You might not think of presentation as a major part of security services, but it’s a small detail that impacts what others think of them—and your business or school. If a guard shows up in a dirty, wrinkled uniform, they won’t be taken seriously.
  • Physically fit: Finally, your guards need to be physically fit. While some of the job includes sitting or standing at one post, when conflicts do arise, you need a team that has the physical strength to do what their duties require.

Carefully vetting your security officers for these traits in Fort Myers, FL will ensure that you work with a well-respected, professional and effective firm. To learn more about American Pride Security Services, Inc. and how we train our staff, call us today.

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