Security Is Essential During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, security remains an important need for several reasons. First, businesses and facilities that remain closed during the pandemic need to protect their property from opportunistic thieves. Second, hospitals, businesses and testing facilities need security to help enforce social distancing rules and visitor guidelines in this time of chaos and tension. Finally, parks and beaches—whether closed or remaining open to the public—need authority figures to help keep people in allowed areas, to enforce social distancing and mediate any conflicts that may arise.

When your business or facility is open to the public

As we gradually reopen our businesses, it’s important to have business security guards in Fort Myers, FL on hand. Many people struggle with the “new normal,” especially mask mandates and social distancing rules. Security guards are available to address the inevitable conflicts that arise when people resist the new rules, but they can also help monitor the flow of people entering the store, take their temperature or complete other duties that will help streamline the reopening process.

Hospitals and testing facilities

Unfortunately, hospitals and testing facilities are busier than ever before. Not only are there increased numbers of people sick or visiting the hospital, but it is extremely important that social distancing guidelines are enforced in both locations. Both hospitals and testing facilities come with an increased risk of coming into contact with coronavirus, so crowd control and rule enforcement is paramount.

Hospital security guards in Fort Myers, FL can also help direct people to the right entrances (many hospitals have separate areas for suspected COVID-19 patients), manage traffic and send unauthorized visitors home. Similarly, testing areas are doing their best to handle large crowds and long lines, but having extra help available can make the difference between a streamlined process and utter (and unsafe) chaos.

Businesses and closed facilities

Businesses, parks, beaches and other places that are closed to the public need security guards. While some people are taking the opportunity to break into or vandalize unsupervised stores and restaurants, some individuals are resisting state and local orders and visiting beaches, hiking trails and other areas that can get crowded. Having security guards on hand offers a sense of safety for the neighborhood, while deterring crime and having someone on hand to ensure safe interactions during the pandemic.

As the country continues to adjust to the new rules of living during a pandemic, it’s important to have professional security on hand. These might be unprecedented times, but security guards offer an increased sense of safety and authority; shoppers, visitors, patients and front line workers will appreciate the care that you’ve taken to protect their health and safety. If your business is closed during the pandemic, having a business security guard on hand in Fort Myers, FL will give you increased peace of mind.

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