Why Assisted Living Centers Can Benefit from Security Personnel

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Security in assisted living centers is vital to the health and safety of everyone who steps foot on the property. The patients often have varying levels of health and mental capacity, and their families are more likely to trust your facility when they know there is personnel on hand to keep their loved ones safe. Nurses, doctors and other staff also deserve the peace of mind knowing that, should an incident arise, they will be protected. When you need nursing home security services in Fort Myers, FL, call the professionals at American Pride Security Services, Inc.

Curious about some of the specific benefits security personnel can offer at your assisted living center? Here are some of the ways a security service can help your facility stay protected:

  • Specialized security for memory care patients: It is a sad fact of life that many aging people will suffer from memory-related afflictions, like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Patients with memory loss often get confused and wander off or try to escape, which can cause distress for everyone involved. Having a robust security system allows patients, staff and families the peace of mind they need to leave their loved one in your care.
  • Perimeter control: Any assisted living center needs basic security to protect its residents. Thieves like to prey on the defenseless, especially if they suspect someone in the building has belongings worth stealing. Having security guards available to patrol the perimeter, parking lots and entry or exit points is the first line of defense against crime.
  • Fire prevention and assistance: Extra eyes and ears are useful when it comes to fire prevention and assistance. Some patients become forgetful or careless, or simply do not understand when they’re putting themselves or others in danger. Having nursing home security services in Fort Myers, FL patrolling the area helps the facility spot trouble before it starts. In case of fire or other disaster, security services can help your nursing home residents evacuate the building. They can act as first responders, helping take advantage of the precious moments in a life-or-death situation.
  • Guest supervision: Finally, with many visitors coming in and out of the assisted living center, you’ll want to have a presence on hand that deters any potential conflicts or crimes. Sometimes just the presence of a security guard can dissuade unscrupulous visitors from engaging in any risky or criminal behavior.

Ultimately, when your residents and their families feel safe, your work will be easier and your facility will be highly regarded in the community.

Nursing home security services in Fort Myers, FL

When you’re entrusted with the health and safety of the aging or ill, you can rise to the occasion by hiring specialized security. At American Pride Security Services, Inc., we consistently employ and deploy highly-trained security experts wherever they’re needed. Regardless of the level of security you require, know that we’re here to help. Call us today to find out how we can staff your assisted living center with compassionate and watchful security personnel.

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