Reasons Why Security Guards Are More Efficient Than Video Surveillance

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If you own or operate a commercial or residential property, you know how important it is to put up security cameras around the building. Cameras can help identify bad guys committing a crime, or even stop them before the act if they notice they’re on film, but that’s pretty much all cameras can do. Security cameras alone simply won’t cut it anymore.

Along with installing cameras, you need to hire a security guard service in Fort Myers, FL to patrol your building or complex. Keep reading to learn some of the advantages of bringing on a few guards to watch your property:

  • React in real time: Even if your cameras detect a criminal, the bad guy is going to be long gone by the time the police arrive. That’s where a security guard can really help! A trained guard can catch the criminal before he flees into the night.
  • Prevent wrongdoing: As we mentioned above, a security camera may deter a would-be-criminal from breaking the law, but cameras are not as effective as seeing a uniformed guard. Bad guys are going to move right along as soon as they catch a glimpse of your security force.
  • No technical issues: Surveillance devices are more advanced than ever before. While that’s certainly a good thing, it can also lead to some technical troubles or even lost footage. Since they’re highly-trained humans, security guards will never experience technical glitches.
  • Greater long-term value: Security devices need to be replaced every few years. Constantly upgrading your equipment gets pretty expensive after a while. When all is said and done, a security guard is less costly and provides better service than a camera.

Qualities to look for in a good security guard service

As you now know, it’s essential to hire a security guard service in Fort Myers, FL, but not just any old company will do. Here’s what to look for in a good firm:

  • Great reputation: The first thing you should look into is the company’s reputation around town. If their former and current clients are happy and satisfied with their service, you will be too. Read online reviews to see what people are saying about the company before you hire them.
  • Trained guards: Anyone can put on a uniform and say they’re a “security guard,” but you don’t want an amateur looking out for your building when you’re not around. Make sure the company you hire employs highly-trained and experienced guards.
  • License and insurance: Just like when you’re hiring a general contractor for a home project, you should always go with the company that’s licensed and insured. Going with anyone without the proper license and insurance will surely end in disaster for you and your business.

If you want a security company that meets all of the criteria mentioned above, look no further than American Pride Security Services, Inc. We’ve proven time and again to be the ideal security guard service in Fort Myers, FL for all sorts of properties, communities and businesses. Call us today to learn more about all of our security services.

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