Why You Need HOA Security for Your HOA Swimming Pool

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A swimming pool can be an attractive feature for a neighborhood to offer. It provides opportunities for entertainment and exercise and makes the area more appealing. However, it does come with some risks and responsibilities. This is where HOA security in Fort Myers, FL comes into play.

To protect the HOA and its members, it’s important to establish proper security measures concerning the pool and its use. Consider the following top reasons you need HOA security in Fort Myers, FL for your community swimming pool:

  • Liability: Posting a lifeguard on duty at an HOA swimming pool isn’t typically feasible. Yet, accidents can happen. You need security measures in place to prevent drownings or other accidents that could result in costly lawsuits against the HOA. Security guards can ensure children, pets and others with the potential of drowning do not enter the pool area unsupervised.
  • Laws: Each HOA has established regulations by which members must abide. Your HOA swimming pool will need hours of operation, capacity limits and other rules of operation. HOA security in Fort Myers, FL can ensure pool users abide by these rules and regulations.
  • Security: Who is allowed to use the pool? An HOA swimming pool is typically for residents only, but others may be tempted to use the pool. Without proper security in place, trespassers can easily gain access to a pool which they have no right to use. Security can keep these interlopers out.
  • Protection: In addition to trespassers, vandals are also a possibility. Your HOA has invested a lot in the installation and maintenance of the neighborhood pool, so you want to make sure it remains in top condition. HOA security in Fort Myers, FL can keep an eye on your pool and protect it from harm.
  • Safety: The pool is not the only thing that needs protecting in this situation. What about personal belongings? Is there security in the parking lot to protect vehicles? Effective security measures are needed to keep all people and belongings safe while residents enjoy the community pool. HOA security in Fort Myers, FL can provide these measures.
  • Control: How many people are in your HOA? A neighborhood pool can attract a lot of activity. Security may be needed for crowd control. Whether it is directing traffic in and out of the pool area or ensuring the pool does not become dangerously overcrowded, HOA security in Fort Myers, FL can maintain healthy control in the pool area to keep everyone safe and secure.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Secure

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