Benefits of Security Consulting

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Security systems not only help catch criminals, but they also deter crime from happening in the first place. Studies show that businesses with security systems are three times less likely to experience a burglary than those without. Plus, businesses that invest in their security through surveillance, a security guard or security consulting in Fort Myers, FL can benefit on their insurance through lower monthly premiums. Many businesses have some difficulty in determining what security measures they should take and evaluating the current security of their business. That’s where security consulting comes in. Security consulting can help you determine which security measures are right for you. Here’s how we can help:

  • Security surveys: A security survey provided by an experienced security company can give you a comprehensive analysis of your current security and pinpoint areas of improvement. Most security surveys will help assess a variety of factors for your unique situation and help anticipate certain problem situations to avoid.
  • Security consultation: A security survey will help the security company determine which measures are right for your business and unique situation. Each survey should come with a comprehensive written report of the company’s findings, include notes of where security measures are good, bad or non-existent and make recommendations for improvement. This will help you identify safety concerns and remedy them.
  • Surveillance systems: A CCTV monitor system can provide video coverage of the movements in and around your property. The mere presence of a surveillance camera will help deter crime, and if crime happens, you’ll have video evidence to help you press charges. Insurance companies often offer lower rates for businesses that utilize a surveillance system.
  • Security alarms: A burglar alarm can be your first step in security. Many alarms are monitored by a security team, who will call you in addition to the alarm being set off. The alarm is a great deterrent to thieves, who will make a run for it and find an easier target rather than risk being caught.
  • Security guard: A security consulting firm in Fort Myers, FL may recommend a security service to help protect your business. A visible human security presence can be a great deterrent, even more so than faceless cameras or alarms. Security officers are attentive and experienced in handling matters of security, and can help in dealing with problems as they arise. Employing a security service can also help lower your insurance premiums, as many insurance companies recognize that a security guard will significantly lower your crime rate by making you a much less attractive target.

Nothing provides peace of mind like a security patrol. American Pride Security Services Inc. offers security surveys and security consulting in Fort Myers, FL, as well as security guards and services. We can help survey your property for bad or non-existent security and provide the security to meet your business’ needs. We offer a complete range of security patrol and guard services, from neighborhood patrols at scheduled intervals to stationary guards at strategic checkpoints and constant surveillance of particular problem areas. Our staff is highly trained and well-vetted, as well as observant and vigilant. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

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