Scenarios Where a Security Guard Is a Must

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More businesses are hiring a security guard for extra protection and peace of mind. Whatever other surveillance, alarms and security measures your business already employs, it can still benefit from a security guard service in Fort Myers, FL. There is something about that human presence that offers an extra deterrent for troublemakers, and additional peace of mind and a feeling of security for owners and employees. Whatever your business may be, you could benefit from a security guard, but this especially the case in these four scenarios:

  • Your business is located in a crime-heavy neighborhood: If your business is located in a neighborhood that unfortunately experiences a high volume of crime, you’ll definitely want to look into a security guard service in Fort Myers, FL. Densely populated areas are also prone to crime, and businesses that operated in these packed areas are more prone to thefts and threats. Whatever the nature of your business, you should consider working with a security guard for extra protection.
  • Your business sells alcohol: If your business serves or sells alcohol, hiring a security guard service in Fort Myers, FL is a must. Casinos, clubs, hotels and other night life businesses are prone to fights due to the intoxicated inhabitants. A security guard will not only make patrons more aware of their surroundings and restrained in their behavior, but it will help your well-behaved customers feel safer and happy to choose your establishment over other options that don’t offer a security presence. Plus, damage to your property and injuries to both customers and employees will be minimized.
  • Your business is next to a parking lot: Parking lots are unfortunately highly probable sites for crime. Troublemakers collect in parking lots, especially when they’re dark and not secured or staffed. If you employ workers late into the evening, they may feel unsafe walking to their car at the end of their shifts. Hiring a security guard service in Fort Myers, FL can turn the parking lot into a much safer place to be after dark.
  • Your business has troublesome history with certain customers or ex-employees: A customer who has been turned away or an employee who has been let go under heated circumstances can both be a cause for caution. These types of people can be emotional and unpredictable, so it’s important to protect your workplace with a security guard, which will make your law-abiding customers and employees feel safer and help to prevent conflict before it starts.

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