What Makes an Effective Security Guard?

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If you own or manage a business or property, you may be wondering what traits you should look for as you search for a qualified security guard to help you protect your patrons, employees and assets.

Effective security guards can make a substantial difference in the safety of your site, and help you foster a comfortable, safe-feeling environment for your team members and guests. Ineffective security guards, on the other hand, may end up unnecessarily escalating bad situations, and can create a hostile environment that deters shoppers and makes employees feel uncomfortable.

Striking a balance that ensures both a safe environment and a comfortable experience for guests and employees is a true challenge. That’s why it’s always advisable to hire highly trained, highly skilled security guards, preferably with law enforcement or military backgrounds.

When searching for security guard services in Fort Myers, FL, there are a number of traits that you should be looking for. Here are just some of the most important qualities that effective security guards possess:

  • Training: Proper training is really what lies at the heart of a successful security guard. Most security officers have experience in law enforcement or military settings, which means that they possess the expertise necessary to defuse tense situations, pursue leads and keep the public safe. Well-trained security guards are adept at keeping your assets in the right hands.
  • Technology: Good security guards are equipped with the latest and greatest technology. This means that they possess the tools necessary to properly surveil your site, and maintain active communication with team members across vast distances. Many security guard services in Fort Myers, FL also equip their staff members with vehicles to conduct patrols, and carry firearms or tasers to ensure they possess the power necessary to keep everyone safe.
  • Communication skills: Qualified security guards possess strong communication skills. This helps them ensure that they have the ability to defuse tense situations, and actively engage with employees and guests. Good communication skills, even more so than technology or weaponry, are at the core of keeping your assets, employees and patrons safe in tense situations.
  • Good observational qualities: Security guards play a number of roles: rule enforcer, asset protector and detective. You need to work with a security guard company that trains its employees to be extra observational, and that places a strong emphasis on the importance of observational skills. Observational security guards can help collect evidence if a crime occurs or, ideally, help prevent a crime from occurring at all.

American Pride Security Services is a trusted provider of security guard services in Fort Myers, FL. We’re proud to provide highly trained, highly qualified security staff to each of our business and institutional clients. Many of our employees come from a military or law enforcement background. We work with a number of local companies to help them protect their assets, employees and patrons. To learn more about ways that we may be able to help you keep your property safe, reach out to one of our friendly, highly trained security professionals today.

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