How to Defuse a Tense Situation

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If you’re involved in a verbal altercation, there are a number of ways that things may take a turn for the worse. You may offend the other person and significantly rupture your relationship; in some cases, the altercation may become physical, and serious violence could erupt.

Tense situations are almost guaranteed to arise if you own a business or manage an institution. Whether you’ve caught someone shoplifting or are trying to deter loitering on your property, there are a number of instances each and every day that could result in deeply uncomfortable situations.

That’s why it’s so exceptionally important to work with a security guard that possesses good communication skills and is trained in the art of defusing tense situations. When you’re looking to hire a security guard company in Fort Myers, FL, you should ask about the strategies that they implement. There are a number of effective tension-defusing strategies that companies may train their employees to use while on the job. Here are just some of the best ways to defuse tension:

  • Planning: The most significant thing that security officers can do to defuse tense situations is plan ahead. If your security guard has a clear idea of how they’ll deal with a tense situation when it arises, they’re much more likely to possess the tools necessary to effectively defuse the incident.
  • Observing agitation: Astute security guards will know how to tell when someone is becoming agitated. They should be able to read body language and other non-verbal cues that can help them determine if someone is becoming irritable. Using these cues, they should be able to step in before the situation escalates.
  • Establish authority: Qualified security guards will know how to establish their authority, both by announcing it and by using non-verbal cues. Security guards should explain that they’re in charge of keeping the property safe, and then use their body language to project strength, while also maintaining a non-threatening posture.
  • Actively listen: It’s important for security guards to know how to actively listen to people who may be agitated. Often, people have a valid reason for becoming irritated or angry. If they feel that the security officer is blowing off their concerns, this will only result in them becoming more irritated, which could lead to violence.

If the security guard company that you’re thinking about working with uses these strategies, you’ve likely made a sound decision. If they don’t have a clear tension-defusing strategy outlined, however, you may be better off taking your business elsewhere.

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