What You Need to Know About Security Guard Jobs

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Security guards play an important role in keeping public places, large events, commercial businesses and residential areas safe. They are trained to handle a variety of different situations that have the potential to make a location unsafe. Even though security guards are capable of offering a number of great benefits to business owners, residents and consumers, there are many things that you might not know about the details of working as a security guard. There are plenty of misconceptions circulating about security guards that might have you feeling a bit hesitant about applying for a job. Thankfully, understanding more about security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL and what they provide may make you feel more comfortable with the idea of applying to work as one:

  • Security guards are not always armed: Many people feel nervous about working as an armed guard at an event. The truth is, many businesses want someone present who can observe and patrol an event or location, but aren’t comfortable with having an armed guard present, and choose to hire an unarmed guard instead. Duties like patrolling a parking lot at night don’t usually require a guard to be armed, for example. Armed guards typically go through a considerable amount of additional training—rest assured you will not be required to work as an armed guard without plenty of preparation!
  • Guards are carefully vetted: There are many different tests that potential security guards will undergo before they are approved for a security job. There are some exams that are designed to test behavior and reactions to different scenarios that a potential guard may be confronted with. Additionally, security guards will need to pass a drug test and a background check to be hired for the job.
  • There are different licenses for guards: Different guards may need to have different kinds of credentials and certifications. Certain permits are required in order for a person to provide security services, so it’s important for you to understand the applicable regulations. You can always ask a security patrol service in Bloomingdale, IL about what their credentials before you decide to apply for a job.
  • Fitness is important: A security guard has to be ready to take on the physical aspects of a security service job. There are many different scenarios that might come up that call for a security guard to run or move around a lot. Security guards need to invest time and energy into staying healthy and fit so that they can take on all of the most physically demanding aspects of a security or patrol job.

It is essential that security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL be capable of handling every job with professionalism and integrity, and at American Pride Security Services, our guards have the skills and experience necessary to do just that. For years, we have been providing security services that fit the exact needs of each of the clients we work with. We’re currently hiring for full- and part-time security guards with PERC and 20-hour certificates. If you’re interested in working for us, please get in touch today!

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