What Is the Role of a Hotel Security Guard?

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Keeping a hotel completely secure presents some unique challenges. The clientele rotates daily. Plus, your customers are often people who are unfamiliar with the area, which means they are themselves at higher risk of being taken advantage of than if they were at home. There are just so many unknowns. At any given time, someone might have thousands and thousands of dollars of valuable jewelry in their rooms. Or you might have an otherwise nice guest in your hotel who just can’t hold their alcohol. The challenges of being a hotel security guard are totally unique for every new day and for every new guest.

That being said, the responsibilities of hotel security guard services can be broken down into a few broad duties.


For any security officer, their most important job is to be watchful. Keep an eye out for anything that seems unusual or out of the ordinary. Security guards patrol the hotel grounds––the hallways, the parking lots, the balconies, the facilities, the pools, etc.––and also often watch video surveillance equipment, all with the aim of keeping a watchful eye on as much of the whole hotel property as is possible at any given time.

Deal with combative guests

Many hotels have bars and restaurants. Anytime you have a bar, you’re guaranteed to run into a belligerent individual every once in a while. Hotel security guards often act as unofficial “bouncers,” letting inebriated and belligerent guests know when it’s time to go. Security guards also often have to deal with loiterers, especially in bigger cities where homelessness and vagrancy is more common.

Respond to guest complaints

Another important responsibility of being a hotel security guard is to respond to the disturbance calls of guests. If there’s a young family in a room next door to room full of teenagers partying for spring break, it might very well be the security guard’s job to respond to the family’s call and help quiet down the teenagers when they won’t settle down in the middle of the night. These conflicts are rarely if ever serious, but they’re almost always handled better by an intermediary than if they’re handled by the two conflicting parties on their own.

Complete reports and document their surveillance activities

Most security officers have to keep impeccable records of all of their activities while on guard duty. These reports help protect the security guards from liability when things go wrong, and can also be extremely useful on those rare occasions when the police need to be called to the premises. In those cases, a security guard’s security reports can act as evidence, helping the cops investigate whatever crime has been committed.

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