Using Unmarked Vehicles and Undercover Operations to Catch Bad Employees

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When most people think about what security companies do for American businesses, they probably imagine security guards standing guard around valuable inventory, making sure that it isn’t stolen by any would-be criminals posing as customers. However, as any business owner will tell you, these days, unfortunately, an even greater risk can be posed by a bad employee. And because you’re the boss, and people are always sucking up to the boss, sometimes it can be quite difficult to tell which employees are the bad apples. This is why it can be useful to have someone else—someone undercover—getting a clear-eyed view on what your employees are like when you’re not around.

Most workers are good

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of your employees are good hard workers, who care about the health and success of your company almost as much as you do, and who genuinely enjoy providing value to your business in exchange for fair compensation. However, it only takes one employee with bad intent, one untrustworthy ne’er-do-well, to cost you big.

Employees have extra access

The reason employees can cause more problems than customers is because your employees enjoy access that would be unprecedented to any potential customer. This additional access means that they’re around the money, and they’re around the inventory, even when it isn’t yet out for customers. This means they an untrustworthy employee can cause problems at every single stage in your business’ delivery model. So whereas a bad customer might steal a few hundred dollars of inventory, a bad employee can affect you far more than that!

How to know you can trust your employees

You already emphasize the security of your employees. You wouldn’t hire someone without a background check, would you? We suggest continued, regular monitoring, using unmarked vehicles and undercover operations, to ensure that your employees are trustworthy and that your inventory and cash is always in the hands of people you can truly trust.

When we provide a consultation or a security survey in Bloomingdale, IL, we provide a comprehensive written report outlining the security risks present at your property and the area where your business is located. Using this information, you can figure out where you should put additional security, and where there might be holes in your existing security strategy. By using unmarked cars and undercover operations, you can extend your knowledge of your company’s security that much further and, additionally, discover any and all risks that might be posed by untrustworthy or shadowy employees. Don’t wait until your nightly deposits stop matching up with your day’s receipts. Make sure your workforce is trustworthy now.

Contact American Pride Security Services today. We can provide an in-depth security survey in Bloomingdale, IL. Using our service, you can figure out how to get the best bang for your security buck, what type of additional security you need, where security guards should be posted at your facilities and, additionally, you can figure out where there might be risk that you are overlooking. We pride ourselves on our thorough security surveys, and are confident that you will be pleased and surprised by our attention to detail.

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