Does Your Business Need a Security Guard? Nine Signs That Point to “Yes”

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Protecting customers and assets are two of the most important responsibilities ascribed to business operators. If you own or are responsible for running a business, you may be exploring the possibility of outsourcing your store’s security to qualified professionals. Security guard services in Fort Myers, FL can ease tensions at your retail locations, assist with loss prevention and keep your employees safe.

Some businesses may not immediately identify the need to hire a security patrol. If you are on the fence about obtaining professional security guard services in Fort Myers, FL, here are nine signs that you should start the process of booking security services:

  • Parking lot concerns: Patrons of your establishment should never feel unsafe walking to and from your storefront. If you are receiving frequent concerns about potential illegal activity in your parking lot, you should contact a security professional.
  • You’re in a high-crime neighborhood: If your store or office space is located in a neighborhood known for its crime rate, you should seriously consider obtaining security guard services in Fort Myers, FL.
  • You are a theft victim: According to data collected by the National Retail Federation, $44 billion worth of theft from retailers was reported in 2014. Don’t be a victim of theft. Secure your assets by hiring a security contractor!
  • Alcohol is served on your premises: Even if your establishment does not sell or serve controlled beverages, just sharing a parking lot with a drinking establishment can cause a whole host of security-based headaches.
  • Your safety program is overworked: Many stores have an in-house safety program or loss prevention program that protects assets and employees. Unfortunately, these units can often result in overworked and dissatisfied employees.
  • Emergencies happen: Professional security guard services in Fort Myers, FL are trained to respond to a wide variety of emergencies. This means that you can count on your attending officer to respond swiftly and professionally to medical situations and other occurrences.
  • You have lots of in-facility traffic: When your store or office is frequently visited, it can cause a headache for anyone responsible for managing all of the ensuing chaos. Protect your peace of mind by hiring a qualified professional to keep an eye on comings and goings.
  • The numbers don’t add up: Sometimes, record-keeping professionals can make mistakes. Occasionally, however, these mistakes are not as innocent as they appear. If you are experiencing a pattern of incorrect statements, a security officer may be able to help you set the record straight.
  • Liability issues: Having an on-site safety professional can aid you with any worker’s compensation cases that may arise, and assist you in determining fault in case of accidents and injuries.

American Pride Security Services has been providing the best security guard services in Fort Myers, FL for more than a decade. Our highly qualified officers are known for their friendly, professional and expert services. We back up all of our work with a quality guarantee, and consistently strive to provide the highest caliber security services in the region. If your business is in need of security consulting or a station patrol officer, contact one of our representatives today!

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  • My shop has become a victim of theft last week. I think I will hire some unarmed security guards since my shop is in a high-crime neighborhood. Since you said that liability issues are also a sign that I should hire some security guards, I’ll hire a service to put a stop to this.

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