The Main Roles of a Professional Security Guard

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You probably know that security guards play an important role in protecting businesses and residences. To most people, the job seems to not be composed of much more than just walking around a building or watching for any potential shoplifters. But did you know security guards are actually more focused on taking preventative steps to keep crime from happening? They are trained to prevent any possible security risks and provide a watchful eye to discourage any looming threats.

Read on to learn more about the different duties of a security guard:

  • Prevent crime from happening: Just the sight of a security guard can make a potential criminal stop in their tracks. Oftentimes, they’ll opt to move on to an easier target when they see the business has hired a security patrol service. Just being there can prevent thefts, vandalism and other nefarious acts.
  • Patrol the premises: A construction site at night is the perfect target for a burglar—they can easily drive off with the expensive equipment while no one is watching. That is, unless there’s a security guard on duty. A security guard will patrol the property regularly to prevent these sorts of situations from presenting themselves. Then, they’ll be able to take the proper actions as soon as they spot something questionable, such as a suspicious vehicle or an unlocked gate.
  • Maintain order: Stop by a busy shopping mall on Black Friday and you’ll immediately know why security guards are so important. They’re present in large crowds of people to ensure that everyone involved and in the surrounding areas are safe, while also preventing any chaos from breaking out.
  • Prevent loss: A busy retail store can lose thousands of dollars annually due to shoplifting. Investing in a security guard could reduce that amount. As a trained professional, they know the telltale signs indicating someone is attempting to steal something. Then, they can take the necessary steps to detain the suspect until local law enforcement arrives on the scene.
  • Monitor additional security features: Not all bad behavior is as obvious as someone trying to steal. A security guard can help you enhance the safety of your office or residential building by checking employees ID cards so only those allowed on the premises can proceed. Additionally, they can monitor any video surveillance to maintain security throughout the entire building.
  • Compile records: The job of a security guard doesn’t end just because the initial threat has been handled. They are constantly observing the day-to-day events in case something were to happen. When it does, they will be prepared to report anything of note to the appropriate authorities. This information is going to be vital as the matter unfolds through the criminal justice system.

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